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Interview with photographer Rachel Silva

Tonight our guest is Rachel Silva from São Paulo, Brazil. She graduated in Marketing. Her passion is traveling the world and she believes the world is too big to live in one place. For this reason she had the opportunity to live in Hawaii in which she realized that living in this place and having this contact with nature aroused her love for photography. She currently works on a cruise ship and gets through social networks like Youtube and Facebook to talk about her professional experience. We have conducted an interview with Rachel.

What kinds of photography do you like the most?

I love all kinds of photography because I believe they all show what art is. But what I love to photograph is the nature and all the wonders we have around this world. I believe that every photograph raises the curiosity in knowing where a certain photo was taken and the history of the place.

How is traveling around the world special for you and helps you lead a full life?

Traveling and getting to know new places and cultures is a sense of life for me, since I was a child I always looked at travel magazines and I dreamed of getting to know all the places, making new friends around the world, knowing new cultures that we have is simply incredible. I believe that through knowledge we learn what we can do to help in the difficulties and problems that many countries face, we learn our role in society and how we are able to make this world a wonderful world.

What is your goal in life?

My goal is through photography and videos to help all people who have the desire to travel and to know more about the place they want to visit, and to be able to help the local business work to better their own business with tourism marketing,

What are the ways do you use to assist in the publicity of a destination/venue?

Always seek to read and research the place before visiting in person, I can highlight some places that I should know due to historical facts, natural landscapes, leisure and always talk with local companies and I try to spread the work of companies through my blog and in the moment I am developing an electronic magazine through the internet that will go through my information with photos and videos, highlight the local business that I am divulging. I also help the companies with photographs in my Instagram and youtube channel.

In your opinion, how important is it for local businesses to apply tourism marketing to better their business? 

It is extremely important because you help in the growth and economic development of a country. For example, some countries have tourism as their main economy, as is Jamaica, so imagine the importance of bringing local business and growth to the attention of businesses. We can contribute to the growth of a nation and many relationships and international business between the companies.

Where are the key places that inspire you in your photography and videography?

I am a very adventurous person, for example, taking a walk on the beach and hiking on a mountain fascinates me. Every place I visit inspires me to know, create and seek the best about what I can do with my work, as well as shooting and recording videos. What I love also are those places that bring many tourists, because surely if this happens is that there are some of the best historical sights and certainly arouses much curiosity. I can highlight some of the places that I have had the opportunity to visit that I found very interesting, such as: Mexico, to get to know some of the culture of the Maya in the Chichen Itza buildings. A helicopter ride to know some places in Hawaii and Alaska that no man had the opportunity to visit on land only through the view area due to the danger until arriving on site. I know that I have known many places and this desire to know the world and the new cultures make of my world the essential key to say that the world is beautiful and rich of so many natural landscapes that all of us must value, respect and admire.

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