Side FX interview with Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron and Side FX is a high-energy, two-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping dance band whose music has hit Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, AC, College Music Journal, AAA, DJ Times, and FMQB music charts. Kim’s music is played across the US, Canada, UK and Australia, and has been placed on Bravo, Fox Sports, MTV, Discovery, TLC, and TV Networks, just to name a few. Cameron has performed live for over 70,000 NFL fans, toured across the country and internationally, garnered millions of YouTube views, been featured on Comcast's XFINITY, won Album of the Year, Best Live Performance, was an American Songwriter Nominee, was awarded a Silver Medal from the 2016 Global Music Awards.

How do you find being a female artist, self-published and produced, in a male-dominated industry?

Unfortunately, females are not really given the same considerations as the males. Part of it is our fault for not being more aggressive, part is culture and part is, I believe, some men are just not comfortable with women in a leadership position. I have seen some changes over the years, but in the music industry, where sexual innuendo are still attractive selling points for records and brands, it’s hard for a female artist to break out from a brand image if that is what she is known for…unless, of course, your name is Madonna.

How do the various awards and nominations that you have won encourage you further? Which award is the most unexpected, why?

Musicians are always out for the next ‘perfect.’ We have a hard time letting anything can always be better. It is our biggest curse, and frankly what holds us all back. It’s this constant drive to deliver a perfect product that beats me to do the next song better, more meaningful, more impactful, more everything.

My most favorite award so far was for Best Music Video from the Switzerland International Film Festival this year. I always wanted my tiger and monkey to be recognized.

What inspires you the most (your musical inspiration and writing process)?

This question is always difficult to answer because there is no formulae for me. I truly create songs, stories out of a gut inspiration or feeling at that particular moment. I believe, if you force creativity…it sounds forced. Others may be able to write or create on demand…….I just cannot.

When did you start mentoring youth through music?

I have been teaching various ages of boys and girls for the past 8 years. It’s truly one of my greatest joys. I have no children of my own, so I always feel like they are a part of my family..a family I want to protect and watch over. I love the way they think, the way they ask questions, the way their learn. I find kids very interesting people, and I think they know that.

What will be your next goal/milestone that you want to achieve?

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