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Art Prodigy - interview with Voncille Smith

Today our guest is Voncille Smith, also known as Infinity. She is originally from Saint Petersburg, Florida but currently she lives in Austin, Texas. We have conducted an interview with her about her initiative Art Prodigy LLC.

What inspires you to create Abstract Art, especially for the very first piece?

I enjoy revealing the power of woke consciousness through my work. Woke consciousness is the awareness that who we are is neither the totality of our existence nor the totality of life's meaning. Painting Abstract expands the viewing experience and invites questions to be asked. Energy and emotion beckons to be evoked, that's my inspiration.

Who are influencers of your art style and artwork?

Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol. Rothko because I find his use of colors to be intense and meaningful. Warhol because his work reminds me that creativity is where an open mind can thrive.

What kind of painting do you enjoy making and appreciate the most?

Marine life paintings because I miss the ocean and living near the beach.

Whose work do you consider as the most creative? What is your notion of creativity?

Andy Warhol because he was the leading figure in the visual art movement known as Pop Art. Warhol is everywhere today. It's hard to say any art today was not influenced by him. I would say that creativity is using the energy of imagination to execute an idea into a tangible form of existence.

How did you become known as Infinity?

Infinity VS is my artist signature. In the 1980's I met a Navajo Medicine woman, we became good friends. She encouraged me to seek a spirit name. I chose the name Infinity because from a very early age I've had an awareness that the universe is infinite. I believe in life's limitless possibilities.

What is your reason for pursuing art?

I pursue art because it keeps me grounded as a human being. Sharing something that contributes to the enjoyment of life for myself and others is my passion.

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