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Instrumental Nu Jazz - Interview with Han Sino

Han Sino is an artist of instrumental Nu Jazz musical creation and Urban Spoken Word Poetry. Blessed by the 90’s Hip Hop, groove and Electronic golden age, Han Sino has, during this today greatly prized era, quite quickly acquired, a strong culture about Afro American 70's, and 80's, and secondarily 60's music. 

As a young mellowman, he sees his vision of the world turned upside down by Free Jazz and Jazz Funk classics. He discovers John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, and Alice Coltrane, among others… Armed with a rich musical culture, in the second half of the years 2000, he approaches beatmaking, first, in solo, then, for a few Hip Hop artists. 

Essentially self-taught, Han Sino has perfected his musical training and ear with the excellent double bass player, bassist and keyboardist, Jade A.K.A JadeNacre (Jean Luc Riga), during a year and a half. This will be followed by a deep metamorphosis of his creativity, as well as a progressive development of his musical maturity. 

How different do you think is being a Nu Jazz musician as compared to other music genres?

Nu Jazz hasn’t really been explored… for me. That’s my impression. Nu Jazz is the name for what has been called ‘Electro Jazz’ before… It’s a mix between electronic music and jazzy tunes and chords. Nu Jazz is electronica. But Nu Jazz is also closed to Trip Hop, Abstract Hip Hop, Instrumental Hip Hop, (jazzy and soulful) Drum n’ Bass or Broken Beat… It’s also closed to jazzy and soulful Deep House, Chicago House, in a way… Lounge, Latin or Nuyorican House… Nu Jazz is linked to various type of Chill Out Music, but also to mid and up-tempo Dancefloor tracks… My understanding of Nu Jazz is very personal… And when I say Nu Jazz hasn’t been explored it means, British electronica apart, that everything is possible in terms of daring and innovative creation. I see my style as a mix of urban music and electronica plus some rare grooves styles and arrangements… My music is very groovy and psychedelic. It has also deep roots in what has been called ‘World Music’… I make my mix of musical culture, influences, experimentations, and real musical creation to produce original tracks… For me Nu Jazz is a part and the other side of the Nu Soul revival of the 70’s… with the difference that everything is possible in this genre, cause it has not said its last word… and its real purpose…

I hope Nu Jazz will be the Jazzy Music of the 21st century, with as much colors and variations that we can find in urban and electronic music…

Can you describe your Spoken Word LPs?

I’m first a composer of instrumental Nu Jazz music and tracks, but I’m also a Spoken Word artist… A performer a musical Poetry… Spoken Word is the Art to declaim Poetry, with or without music… In the Poetry Cafés, or on some experimental Opuses… Of course, we know legendary groups like the Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron, The Watts Prophets… or Saul Williams and Ursula Rucker for the new generation, but as for Nu Jazz music, everything is possible in Spoken Word… I gave up Spoken Word as a musician, but I continue to produce Spoken Word LPs under my Author/Poet/Writer name… with a more literary and less hip hop style… My Spoken Word Projects or LPs, are made like good old ‘long play’ vinyl records… with the idea to increase the pleasure of the listeners… I try to make original, unusual and colorful cover art, to make us remind the good old days and to propose an art of listening music that pay tribute to the golden age of groove… My musical Poetry is based on metaphors and style… The meaning of my texts is not obvious but there’s always a signification somewhere… ‘Poetik Art’ is my best Spoken Word Opus… It’s a tribute to urban music, groove, and musical poetry, with an up to date and futuristic ‘Old Skool’ touch…

What is your latest solo album 'Glucose' inspired by? Why did you entitle it 'Glucose'?

I entitled my album ‘Glucose’ to express the need we all have for sweetness and humanity… ‘Glucose’ is also an expression of drunkenness… that is life’s pleasure… It’s important to have pleasure in life… to enjoy life… to taste it… It enables you to stay positive and to have projects… To believe in the future, in humanity and to overcome your trials… Life’s is hard… But with music and Poetry, we can try to make it easier to live and share the good vibrations and the good times with other people… The lyrics in this Opus, are enigmatic… But there are a lot of references and thematics… It talks about suffering, struggles, origins, humanity, brotherhood and hopes… The album is sweet and colorful… There are many different flavors and styles, musically, and in terms of production.

Do share with us more about 'A Murder In Me' and the score/soundtrack creation experience you had?

‘A Murder In Me’ is a Short Film by Parth Patadiya, an Indian Artist and Filmmaker. He’s a Director, a Writer, a Painter, a Poet… ‘A Murder In Me’ is his 3rd Short Film… It’s about a young Indian man who suffers from mental disorders… The movie is dark, nice and full of hope… Parth contacted me for some musical collaboration… In the meantime, he asked me if I could make a score for him… I said ok with enthusiasm… I was excited cause it was my 1st score and soundtrack… Parth wrote me a few sentences about the movie and sent me the film poster… I’ve worked with these elements, and I’ve made the music quite quickly… At the end, I decided and propose to Parth Patadiya to add the 1st track we’ve been working on together: ‘Barking Piegeon’…

Which is your favorite musical style and which artistic effects do you enjoy the most while making your music?

Musically, I’m very open… Groove is what speaks the more to me, but I also like great standards and classical music. I like ethnic music, and I have a mini collection of ethnic instruments… I also like electric guitars and I have a Rock culture… The music that has really blown my mind is Free Jazz and Jazz Funk…

There is a big part of Free Jazz and Jazz Funk influences in my music, despite my creations are more urban and electronic… I think Jazz music is more able to teach humanity than Philosophical books… It is really a deep and great music…

In my music there is always some delay and reverb… I like that! This is an influence of Dub and Reggae music… This is also an influence of Jazz Funk and 70’s psychedelic music… I also like to use a phaser…I don’t like to explain how I do cause it should stay mysterious. I play instruments like a child but my inspiration makes me very creative and I try to be as innovative as possible…
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