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Interview with screenwriter and author Sarah Walker

Sarah graduated with a degree in physics in 2010, then went on to study creative writing. She has since published the rom-com drama novel, Holly Blossums, and the crime-drama thriller novel, Black Widow. When she’s not writing, Sarah works in retail and enjoys creative hobbies such as painting.

Who is the most interesting character in the book you co-wrote with Will Coggins?

Detective Jamison is the most interesting character because he sees the world for what it is - unfair. He’s not afraid to do what’s necessary to balance the scales of justice, even if that means planting evidence. To me, what makes him really interesting is, beneath his tough exterior lays a deep, feeling human being who wants to change. He may seem to lack a moral compass, but his heart is in the right place. We all wish we could take the law into our own hands when we’ve been a victim of crime. Jamison follows through with that wish, but his latest case makes him question whether he’s doing the right thing or not.

Why did you both choose this title 'Black Widow: Blood Ties'?

The title ‘Black Widow’ was chosen because it’s the nickname given to the killer. We chose the subtitle because of Det. Jamison’s need to avenge his brother’s death. But it’s also because of the non-family ties that bind us together – Det. Jamison would do anything to protect his city, to him that’s where he grew up, that’s his family. Then there’s the loyalty among cops; Det. Jamison strains this relationship through his actions, making it harder for other cops to look the other way.

How did you get into creative writing after your degree in Physics?

For medical reasons, I had to give up on any hope of having a career in physics. To be honest, I couldn’t have been happier with that outcome; it motivated me to follow my dream career. I haven’t told anyone this before, but I chose physics over a writing career because it was the safer career choice. The “safer career choice” fell flat on its face, so I decided to go after the unreliable paycheck career. It’s scary as hell not knowing if you’re good enough, and it’s very frustrating that I have to work two jobs, but… I’ve never been happier than I am right now.

Other than writing your novels, Holly Blossums and Black Widow, what kind of new novels/stories would you like to write?

I’ve just finished co-writing the first draft of the book, Shadows: Fire Storm. That project has officially entered Editing Hell – that means lots of cursing, screaming and yelling at my computer. I’m drawn to stories that push characters outside of their comfort zone, forcing them to deal with the issues they’ve been avoiding for far too long.

In your opinion, how different is screenwriting versus novel writing?

Novel writing and screenwriting are extremely different. They both follow the same techniques for outlining, developing characters, etc. But they’re very different when it comes to writing the story. There are a lot of restrictions for screenwriting like the length of the script, what you can write on the page – if you can’t see or hear it, you can’t write it. You have a lot more freedom for novel writing because, unlike with screenwriting, your story is the final product.

Which is more challenging?

For me, novel writing is more challenging because I find writing a description that is short and to the point far easier than the kind of detail that you see in a book. Novel writing is more time consuming as well because, unlike with a script, you see the project through to the very end, right down to promoting the book.
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