Include Your Junior Bridesmaid In Your Wedding

It has become the social norm to include young ladies in weddings as junior bridesmaids. These are girls who are over the age of 7 and under the age of 13. As more families are blending children into a new relationship, giving the girl a place of honor will let her know how important she is to the family.

Flower girls and ring bearers have always been part of weddings when there are toddlers in the families. They are unpredictable and cute and everyone knows to expect the unexpected.

When including a tween in your wedding it is important to treat them as you would any other member of the bridal party. Of course, they cannot attend adult parties, but they can be included with shopping, rehearsals, showers, and other wedding related activities. Going shopping or to lunch will make her feel special. Include them when the others go to get their hair styled and their clothes fitted.

Role of The Junior Bridesmaid

The junior bridesmaid role can be designed any way the bride chooses. The most modern trend is for the junior bridesmaid to put on a performance before the ceremony in the form of a song or poetry reading. She then walks from the stage and stands at the end of the bridesmaid row and the adults fill the row as they arrive from their walk down the aisle.

Another option is allowing the junior bridesmaid to put on a dance performance at the reception. There are many available outfits for dancers. For more info click here. With the help of some cool lighting and the DJ, she can open the dance floor with a great number, or she can have a father-daughter dance with the groom.

Adding the Junior Groomsman in the act

If you are adding a young man of the same age as a junior groomsman, he can be included in the song or recital. The juniors can wear their costumes and he can easily be taught a few steps to complement the routine.


Some bridges are open to non-conventional weddings. She may allow the juniors to escort each other down the aisle holding signs that read, “The Bride Is Coming”. She may want a softer yet classic look. This is the bride who will wear a gown made to her style. Champagne is a classic colour that is elegant and yet a bit different. This is how she adds just a touch of her own style without being too bold.

The Juniors clothes

The junior bridesmaid will wear a dress of the same colour and cut as the bridesmaids with age-appropriate changes. For example, she will wear straps rather than a bare shoulder gown. The bridesmaid’s gowns may be floor length, but you may consider a tea length dress for her to make it easier to walk. Of course, she will wear pumps or flats, not high heels.

The Junior groomsmen will wear the same suit or tux as the adult men in the wedding, though he may be allowed to remove his jacket and wear his vest while he is “working”.

Responsibilities for the Junior Bridesmaid & Groomsman
Here are some jobs that your juniors can easily take care of:
  • Passing out programs
  • Assisting the ushers in seating grandparents and guests
  • Be in charge of the guestbook
  • Pass out bubbies, confetti or rice to shower the exciting couple
  • Help with cleaning up

Fun extras

After the wedding, give your junior bridesmaid and groomsman a digital or instant camera and let her take pictures. A digital camera will take the most pictures without the expense of the special film for the instant camera. The camera and a photo album will make a great “thank you” gift and you might be surprised at some of the great pictures they take.

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