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Interview with actress Laura Auclair

Laura, can you introduce yourself?

I’m a 23-years old woman. I come from French Riviera; was born and raised there. I’m an independent woman who loves challenges and adventures. I traveled the whole world and did a lot of jobs and activities that suited my lifestyle and my passion. Fashion was one of my many passions that brought me to Paris the first time. I studied a lot of prestigious fashion schools there. I have also worked in the nightclub industry for some time and was the best in the field. But after all my jobs and pursuing different niches, I knew in my heart that I would ultimately get back to my roots: acting. It was my true calling and that’s what I followed in the end. And here I am!

Why did you choose to be a Hollywood actress?

My dream has always been to live in California, L.A to be precise; which also happens to be my initials as well (I’m a strong believer in signs). Plus, there are a lot of opportunities here. Acting schools are great here and are also highly accessible. There are great dance studios here as well. I truly believe that opportunities in L.A are greater than many other places.

Don't you think that you being a French could hold you back?

Actually no, because it’s a gift to have a real French accent in the Hollywood movie industry. There’s a high demand for it. I go for the specific castings. Although I’m not limiting myself as I’m improving my vocal range with the help of different dialect coaches such as Bernard Hiller and Joel Goldes.

Why did you choose acting as a career?

I guess I’m a natural actress because I have been doing this since a very young age. I’m naturally gifted when it comes to improvising, never been a shy type, and I definitely have the right touch of craziness, all of these in my opinion are qualities required to be a good actor. Furthermore, I have taken part in many things in my life such as sports, singing, modeling, sawing, horseback riding, boxing, contemporary dance, ballet, theater, passions, etc. and have never wanted to focus on one thing. And I believe acting is the only field that regroups all these skills.

What would be your dream role?

I guess I would love to be a part of a series or a movie that I would enjoy watching myself. Real stories, about heavy subjects such as cartel, mafia, traffic have always attracted me. I would love to play a role of a strong woman, just like Teresa is in Queen of the South, or portray the wife of a powerful man, just like Penelope Cruz is in Blow. I’m also inclined towards anything that touches the world of fashion and dance.

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