Interview with producer and actor Bobby Emprechtinger

From soaring the world skies as a former jumbo jet Boing747 pilot to establishing himself now as an entrepreneur, film producer, actor, writer, Bobby Emprechtinger seems to have landed in the entertainment business to stay. At this very moment he is finalizing the film ‘The Mayfly Cycle’ which in collaboration with other artists, he was the author, producer and lead actor. Also pre-production of his next project ‘Spin: The Life Changing Story” is in place. Again as the author, producer and lead actor alongside with some cream de la cream of Hollywood as an American and European partnership. Beginning of 2018 is promising with good winds blowing his way. He’s taking the lead in two European productions as an actor and in May 17th he will be honored at the German Walk of Fame next to 300 international superstars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Costner, Denzel Washington, to name a very few. After many landings, many storms, he still strives for the clear blue skies above the clouds.

So Bobby, tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you find yourself interested in the entertainment business?

Well, I am an ex-pilot who set aside his childhood dream of being an entertainer to make a living on something I was very interested and fascinated by which was aviation. But then eventually when the time was right I was able to get back and pursuit more seriously acting, producing and writing, film making really. Since I was a very young boy I absolutely dreamed and aspired to be on stage dancing, singing. I was eight years old when my parents gave me a guitar and I played it every day, I truly was so driven to be a performer. After performing on stage all over Europe as a competition dancer I got into the fashion world as model for Elite agency and started taking some acting classes. At a later age the ultimate dream became to be on films. The road here has definitely not easy and it’s been a long one. To be honest I feel that I had to create my own path, in my own way. It truly wasn’t just there for me.

So what are you working on right now, any projects?

I have a film coming out in December called ‘The Mayfly Cycle’. It’s an independent production created by ‘Illuminar Motion Pictures’ and it speaks of the absence of communication and human connection in the world today and their possible consequence, in this case depression and suicide in an artistic and unique expression. This project will be submitted to various film festivals. The current and most exciting project however, I’m starting to work on and it’s in pre-production already and it is called ‘Spin: The Life Changing Story’ that took me close to two years to write and it’s a script that is very meaningful to me. It has some international heavy weights attached to it, planning to start shooting in May 2018. For the beginning of the year I’m cast in two different European productions with lead roles, which I’m excited about. Actually, in May I will also be honored at the German ‘Walk of Fame’ next to 300 superstars like Scharzeneger, Kevin Costner, Denzel Washington with my handprint, billboard and picture. That was truly unexpected and I really feel honored and thankful to Mister Klaus Beer, the creator.

What do you think makes you succeed in this harsh entertainment field?

First of all I believe you need to find your talent and the passion for what you want to do and be willing to be like a Spartan warrior about it: to not give up, to be willing to make sacrifices, to trust enough in yourself to overcome any obstacle and keep moving forward regardless. Basically you create your own path. I think when you are so driven like that and absolutely in love with what you do it will make you stand out and success will come your way.

Do you think you are here to stay?

As long as I enjoy what I do and I’m still passionate about it as I’ve been my whole life I will most certainly give it my all. I always educate myself as much as I can in the field that I’m in to continue growing and progressing in order to create new opportunities. Lately, the interest in directing has come up for me and I think I’m a very visual person and I want to be more involved in the creative aspect of directing.

Do you personally believe that films can have a positive impact on people and society in general?

Yes, definitely. To me a film is a tool of communication in an artistic form that sends out meaningful messages in an entertaining way. It can ultimately be impactful for a very good cause in society. It’s a very useful and efficient way to get a message across.

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