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Raising the Game and Connecting the Dots for Online Photography

What do the purveyors of an art form and the community surrounding it do when technology creates the illusion that the skill needed has been superseded by said technology? There is no need for an analogy because this paradigm is ideally exhibited in the world of photography. While the hardware and the software advancements have enabled anyone to take photos with ease, the din has come to overshadow the skill for which talented photographers heretofore received acclaim. The result is “more of the same”, a pattern which does not lead to evolution of the art form. To counteract this, Shutterstock Custom has positioned itself as a conduit between clients and professional photographers to permit a greater ease and expeditious experience while still influencing the visual imagery used on Social Media and online platforms. It’s futile to resist the idea that the greatest vehicle for photography used in the modern era is via SM; Shutterstock Custom is infiltrating this and, in the process, raising the level of the game for all.

To accept that the world is changing out of your control often means accepting defeat. Conversely, using your abilities to influence that change can mean positive assimilation for all involved. The clients of Shutterstock Custom are typically companies in search of high quality images for use on Social Media. The fact that SM is the largest creator and user of imagery these days is irrefutable. SM allows advertisers to greatly reduce the cost of doing business (at least in present day). For professional photographers, the choice is to deny the current scenario or to accept and benevolently infiltrate it. Shutterstock Custom is able to create a relationship between the companies looking for the extremely high quality imagery they want and the talented professional photographers who are able to supply this. This is essential for all involved parties as the ubiquity of SM and web based imagery has all but made most traditional advertisement formats obsolete. While Shutterstock Custom’s clients use the photos for all types of purposes, Social Media takes up the largest percentage of usage.

Shutterstock Custom vets professional photographers and then assigns them to projects with a variety of clients who range from massive corporations to much smaller entities. Clients are able to choose what stylistic approach they prefer in a photographer and give specifications as to what they’d like the composition of the work to contain. With the premise stated, the photographers are able to present the subject/ideas with their own artistic voice and perspective. Natalie Chen is an acclaimed award-winning photographer who has experienced great success with Shutterstock Custom. Clients whom Chen has worked for in conjunction with Shutterstock Custom include: El Pollo Loco, Sun-Rype, Schlotzsky’s, Carnivor Wine, and a host of others. Chen’s exemplary images for these clients have multiple benefits as she explains, “Social media is the easiest platform to get exposure but this doesn’t mean that these images we post shouldn’t be as good as the ones we use for other marketing materials or things that we see in exhibitions or museums. Not everyone has a strong artistic sense, so when big companies post bad images on social media, it’s just another chance to mislead about what good images are and where photographers stand. Working with Shutterstock Custom allows me to be part of maintaining a high level of quality in the photographs used online and on Social Media. When someone sees that exceptional photos are possible, they aspire to that. I want to elevate the status of what’s expected not just concede that average work is acceptable.” The celebrated and high frequency of work that Natalie Chen has done with Shutterstock Custom is not only proof of greatness but is also a statement about responsibility to an art from in the modern era.

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