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Few roles are as versatile in the production world as that of producer. Of the many skills and attributes producer Huidi Sun possesses most key is the insight on how to “set the table” for those starring in any type of production presentation. Fluidity like this is what gives Sun so many opportunities, ones which she has proven herself in time and time again. Films, recurring series, commercial campaigns, and more; all of these have excelled with Huidi Sun at the helm. Her long career spans a myriad of productions that achieved success and notoriety as a result of this consummate producer’s skill and talent. More than twenty short films, commercials, and feature films vets Sun reputation in the LA scene as a professional producer with the insight to assembling all of the pieces for any type of production to manifest its aspirations of being on the same level as the most acclaimed productions of the entertainment mecca.

Huidi was responsible for the script writing, scheduling and budget, location scouting, casting and nearly every aspect of running the award-winning horror film Capture. This story of a writer who moves his family into a creepy house in order to get inspiration for his latest horror novel takes a new look at artists and the afterlife. David M. Brewer, cinematographer for the famous horror film Insidious captured the performances of Ricco Ross (known for his starring roles in James Cameron’s iconic dual Oscar winning film Alien, & the franchise blockbuster Mission Impossible-worldwide gross of $458MM) and actress/ Image Awards nominee Siena Goines (of 40-year-old Virgin, Criminal Minds-CBS triple Primetime Emmy nominee). Capture was an Official Selection of the Barcelona Planet Film Festival, the DreadFest Horror Film Festival, the Très Court International Film Festival, and many more.

The accolades that Capture received from critics was equaled by Sun’s work on the Tencent series for China titled Da de bu hao qing zhi jiao. The trailer for this program was viewed thirty million times online within the first three days and the show itself gained more than six hundred-twenty million views in two days. Starring former member of Chinese band EXO-M/actor Kris Wu (who made his debut in the $346MM earning xXx: Return of Xander Cage), ten time NBA Allstar/winner of two NBA championships (and actor in Spike Lee’s 1998 film He Got Game) Ray Allen, and famed Chinese basketball announcer Zhang Weiping; the show explored basketball as a connective tissue among people of different backgrounds.

Huidi doesn’t find herself only working with award-winning actors and actresses, proven by the star of one her most recent productions…a chair. Director Jiping Liu approached the producer to work on an interesting project for SVAGO, a chair which offers a zero gravity experience and benefits for comfort and assistance for those with certain back and waist problems. The obvious problem was how to create an interesting and compelling commercial for online advertisements without any cast…other than the chair. Huidi describes, “Our plan was to combine the chair with celestial elements such as spaceships and astronauts. In this advertisement, we would not only reflect the characteristics of this chair but also show the sense of technology and future. We did a lot of tests concerning light direction, whether the chair itself should rotate, even how to make it rotate itself. In the process of filming, we let the chair rotate again and again, constantly adjusting the angle and brightness of the light, looking for the most beautiful seconds of the chair. A creative production does not necessarily need a big budget. Sometimes, it simply requires you to find the beauty of it. For example, the chair itself is ordinary but if you want to discover the beauty of it, you need to spend time observing it. No matter what kind of production you are doing-videos, advertisements, films, or shows, you need to be patient to find the essence of it.”

Author: Kelly King

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