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The Bravery of Some Nerve

A great film requires great characters. A moving documentary is markedly different in that it requires a real person of exceptional character. In the documentary Some Nerve, that individual is twenty-one -year-old Heather Craig who has spent her life battling multiple sclerosis. The bravery required simply by allowing a film team into her life so that others may become educated and moved towards helping those stricken with MS…it overshadows that of any great actor portraying such a scenario. The element which scripted and unscripted film share is a talented and skilled production team to communicate the story in a way that allows the emotions rather than solely the events to be received by an audience. Director Siyi “Dora” Wu and her team delivered Heather’s story in a manner which deeply affected many, as evidenced by Some Nerve’s many nominations at the 22nd SCAD Savannah Film Festival, 9th DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival, the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival, and others.

In some ways, a documentary is like an inverted scripted film. While a scripted film allows the audience to witness the main character becoming informed, a documentary allows that character to inform us directly. Heather Craig is almost impossibly positive in Some Nerve, displaying the mental and emotional constitution of a prize fighter. Much of the genius of director Dora Wu was in coaxing the vulnerable side of Heather to reveal itself. Craig is brave and defiant but a complete view of her experience is what is the most impactful to viewers. Dora filmed interviews with many members of the Craig family to show how the effects of this disease resonates with loved ones. Amidst the challenges of dealing with MS while attending school, climbing with her boyfriend, or seeking treatment, Heather just wants to lead a normal life. It’s a desire for her shared by her entire family. This is the most prominent mood throughout this inspiring and sobering production.

Dora Wu recently attending the screening of Some Nerve at the DocUtah International Documentary film festival where it was nominated for Best Short. Speaking to attendees about her experience making this film, the director related the importance of getting to know your subject intimately. Dora comments, “When I attend these festivals I hear a lot of praise for Heather’s bravery and attitude in addition to compliments about the filmmaker’s talent. I understand this professional praise; it’s normal at a film festival. Frankly, I just did my duty as a documentarian by telling Heather’s story and recording her life veritably. I think my film earned such positive reactions because Heather is a very powerful and positive girl. People love her. I’m most satisfied that the audience sees her through my eyes because she certainly deserves this type of reverence.” In addition to Some Nerve, Dora Wu also directed the award-winning documentary Care & Cure which presents the American utilization of traditional Chinese Medicine (distributed by Adler & Associates Entertainment).

Author: Kelly King
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