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Tom Vaughan is Spreading the Good Vibes with La Fosse Associates

Tom Vaughan’s area of expertise is relationships. Well…for clarity’s sake, he’s not a therapist or a counselor but many seek him out in search of finding the right person. Managing director of London based executive search firm La Fosse Associates has spent many successful years building companies who are looking for the most qualified professionals. It’s the type of professional home that Vaughan himself found with La Fosse nearly 9 years ago. Under his watch, La Fosse grew from a team of five to over two hundred and $100million in revenues in only seven years. Recruiting technology, digital, and change talent from top to bottom for clients, Tom was key in cultivating the company’s own identity brand into one of the most admired in the world. Having assisted La Fosse in becoming the leader in the UK and Europe, Vaughan has now been placed as the head of their US branch in Los Angeles. As LA’s Silicon Beach becomes the most vibrant hub for tech in America, Tom and La Fosse are ensuring that it rests on a firm foundation.

As the fifth employee hired to be part of La Fosse, Vaughan not only understood it’s mission but helped to craft it. The company’s reputation as a resounding success speaks for itself. Their relationship and work with some of the most influential CEOs and leaders across Europe confirms their prominence in the industry. Because this field is booming on a global scale, the need to trust that you’re finding the right team members is paramount. When Tom was appointed to Head of Digital Search practice in the UK of La Fosse in 2013, he quadrupled his team and generated over £3million p/a within a 2 year period. It was obvious that with the company opening a US office, Tom was the perfect person to oversee this entrée. He communicates, “It’s a very exciting time to be in LA. Of course, the acclaim that La Fosse has achieved definitely makes my job easier. We are the fastest growing recruitment company in Europe and Americans love this powerful success story. It’s not uncommon to see gaping mouths when we make our pitch, an amusing benefit. I also love being an expat in Southern California and building a business from the ground-up.”

Vaughan’s comment makes sense as he championed the idea of La Fosse branching out to the states. Preferring Los Angeles above the overly saturated Silicon Valley market, the new booming economy in Silicon Beach offered an ideal opportunity to become immersed in the next wave of tech and digital companies while also associating with the current giants. Tom’s recent work with industry leaders like Sony Pictures, Apple, Snapchat, Culture Trip and Dollar Shave Club is evidence the local market is thriving. In fact, the move has brought an even more diverse client list to La Fosse. Creating the company’s US base has given Tom a great deal of empathy for the startups he supports. "Nothing can prepare you for building a business from scratch in another part of the world". Tom's ability to see the potential for future growth makes Vaughan the perfect representative of La Fosse in America. He remarks, “Los Angeles is one of the new global technology hubs. The tech industry here has been built on a creative, flamboyant entertainment scene and this has inspired the companies which evolved here. VR, TV, Film and Content Technology companies are the most prominent here and LA is fast becoming the epicenter for the major content disruptors such as Snapchat, Netflix, Hulu and DAQRI. Working relentlessly and building a strong network have been the key to our success. I've been lucky enough to meet some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the US and through supportive/creative client management I have built a powerful network that continues to provide La Fosse with a healthy stream of business.”

La Fosse has been repeatedly recognized in the UK with awards like Best IT/Technology Recruitment Agency (winner) and Highly Commended: Best Candidate Care at the Recruitment Awards (2018), Top 100 Fastest Growing Company in the UK by the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track (2011, 2013, 2014), and Winner: Best Mid-Sized Recruitment Firm. Global Recruiter 2016.

Vaughan has made it his mission to repeat the company’s success in America, the fruits of which are already blooming. La Fosse’s James Parker declares, “Expanding into the US market is an exciting milestone for La Fosse. Tom’s creative approach makes him the perfect representative for us there.” With innovative events like Garden Sounds (a live music and unique networking concept), Tom Vaughan is evolving La Fosse in-line with the Californian culture.

Author: Kelly King
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