Every artistic professional has a decision to make concerning the course of their career. As the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and so does the path which culminates in one’s vocational direction. Simmie Sangian is passionate about acting and discerning when it comes to the roles she undertakes, even when they might seem somewhat mundane at first glance. As an artist who feels that every opportunity allowed her has the potential of reaching someone on a very personal level, Sangian can be seen in a number of varied productions which communicate the experiences of a woman in the modern age. Quick to communicate that she is in no way averse to comedies or romance, Simmie’s work exhibits that this actress is deeply invested in the types of stories that pack a heavier punch than the run of the mill “date night” film.

In the film Honor, Sangian champions young love and the LGBT community in her portrayal of Serena. This young girl is forced into a marriage by her family even though, unbeknownst to them, she is in a serious relationship with her girlfriend Alex. Prior to the wedding, Alex suggests the two run away together but Serena possesses an inherent commitment to her family and cannot bear disappointing them. Honor is a deeply sympathetic study of a woman who struggles with accepting herself rather than her family and cultures view of what she should be. Sangian is vocal about the fact that her decision to play Serena was as much about the effect it could have to inform others as it was the excellence of the script. She relates, “As an actress, I want to be able to at least affect one person’s life through my work. I hope at least one person will watch Honor and have the courage to speak up about a similar situation that they know about or are going through themselves. is an organization which supported this film and they are featured at the end. I hope audiences finished watching Honor and began to research forced marriage and the danger that lies within it, not only in third world countries but many Western ones as well.”

Taking up the cause for another controversial topic, Simmie starred in Sheepskin as a woman in the midst of a college rape occurrence. Her character Jasmine understands that what she saw at a party was not consensual sex but is fearful of her abusive boyfriend who manipulates her into not speaking out. Jasmine is full of alcohol and drugs at the party and struggles with confidence in her relationship, making her a very flawed character…which is exactly what drew Simmie to the role. Sheepskin director Julio Ramos states, “Simmie’s dedication and commitment to the role of Jasmine in Sheepskin is exactly what every director wants to work with. She brought the character to life. The arc of Jasmine in the film is so expansive, it’s thrilling to watch her struggle and she has the pivotal moment in the film. Simmie’s performance was incredible because she didn’t give too much away; she really kept the audience guessing as to what she would do up to the moment that she redeems herself...riveting!”

Even in smaller productions, Sangian makes decisions that give insight to her perspective. Her prominent role in the CVS commercial “Beauty in Real Life” may have the purpose of promoting cosmetics but does so in a way that depicts a variety of women as professionals with their own careers in modern day. Sangian concedes that the pitch for the role attracted her in stating, “Seeking real women for a fun ad campaign that celebrates women in everyday life.” Kat Keene (Director of CVS Beauty) professes, “Simmie has an incredible combination of charisma and talent that speaks for itself, and an on- camera presence that is extraordinary.” While her presence is equally as commanding in commercial work, such as her appearance in “Samsung Galaxy: Thrive” or “Facebook Katana”, Sangian admits that technology is something she finds not completely intuitive for her. She notes, “It’s fun to do these commercial and I love acting but I’m not a tech expert by any means. Luckily for me my role is more about hanging out with friends and having fun than it is exhibiting my tech skills.” Simmie Sangian’s skills as an actress have been vetted numerous times over; tech can take a backseat to those.

Author: Kelly King

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