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Elevating the Private Jet Experience: Jonathan Singer

Marketing specialist Jonathan Singer rubs elbows with some very well-known clients. Names like Google and Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group) populate his resume. Singer’s work with Manny Kapranos of Canada’s Bombardier meant catering to the likes of Julia Roberts, Lewis Hamilton, John Travolta, The Rolling Stones, and numerous other luminaries. While his role was multi-faceted, Singer’s work can be described as manifesting the ideal environment and experience for Bombardier’s customers and special events. Jonathan’s reputation is synonymous with achieving excellence and satisfaction in almost unimaginable situations. When dealing with the rich and famous, Jonathan is the professional you want in charge of ensuring everyone feels entertained and at ease. Singer’s renown as the guy who always delivers is the culmination of countless successful events in the world of film, tech, finance, and sports. His secret ingredient is hyper-detailed focus on perfection. He seemingly possesses a sixth sense in conceptualizing how any event could stand out above the rest; an ability clients do not overlook.

As a provider of private/business aircraft, Bombardier’s customers range from celebrity actors, musicians, politicians, and athletes to rich and famous captains of industry and global thought leaders. Singer’s work with Bombardier extended beyond that of marketing specialist for the company. From wheels down to wheels up, he oversaw a team which provided the company’s high net wealth clientele with a flawless inflight experience. Jonathan’s expertise in corporate marketing and brand reputation ensured that Bombardier’s sponsorship of an eclectic array of events across Canada contributed to the company’s worldwide acclaim. Singer’s oversight at prestigious events like the Formula One Grand Prix of Canada, FIS World Cup Skiing, and PGA Presidents Cup Golf tournament mandated the anticipation of every eventuality. The latter included such attendees as President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and PGA Pros Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Not confined to world leaders and athletes, Jonathan was key in Bombardier’s sponsorship of artistic events like the Toronto Int’l Film Festival (TIFF) as its Official Private Aviation Partner. Providing private jet transportation for the studios and their talent to a number of film premieres taking place at the festival; the demands of numerous intermediaries and the talent were typically substantial…and satiated by Singer and his team.

Jonathan’s expertise and impeccable execution is an essential factor in what has led to Bombardier’s pre-eminence. Their repeat business for Formula One, Milken Institute Global Conference, and multiple NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibitions, vets this fact. Big business comes partnered with big requirements; it takes an equal amount of skill to ensure that these are met. Jonathan Singer not only possesses this but seems omniscient in his preparation. In plain terms, he appears to relish in the challenge. He confirms, “All in all, the reward comes from being able to adapt to the objective of the program and always deliver a flawless product… just like Bombardier does every time they deliver a business or private jet. The validation as a professional service provider was truly special coming from such a valued Canadian brand, global enterprise, and corporate citizen.”

Author: Kelly King

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