From Design, to Fashion, to Real Estate - Read the Success Story of Iskander Lemseffer

There is only one name that comes to mind when elite homeowners and investors from the Middle East look to buy or sell real estate in Beverly Hills. That name is Iskander Lemseffer. He is the best in the L.A real estate business and is widely known among a wide range of elite international buyers and sellers alike. Iskander is well acquainted with the Arabic mentality because he lived in Dubai for 5 years.

Iskander Lemseffer is the best when it comes to delivering quality results. Most of his work comes from referrals and repeated clients because he has a reputation of delivering quality results that are beyond his clients’ expectations. Lemseffer always puts your best interest in mind and has ample experience in the world of design and international real estate. This is one of many reasons to pick him for your real estate needs.

The reason smart individuals such as yourself choose Iskander Lemseffer is because when he works for a client, he does so as their partner to fulfill their needs and achieve their goals.

How did you become a real estate agent?

I always wanted to pursue a career in real estate, but the circumstances seemed to hold me back. I purchased the book called California Real Estate Principles when I was about 19-20 years old. I was studying chemistry and biology (pre-med program) back then at Pepperdine University, Malibu. But I decided to become a clothing designer shortly after. I was also making a living at the same time by selling shoes at Charles David. It was a part time job. So, during the free time, I designed a T-shirt line with Vishnus and Khamsas and Buddhas. And a few days later, my t-shirts were being ordered by all the yoga studios in the U.S. This was the time when I got into the fashion world. I stayed in fashion for 17 years. I also learned during that time that denim was my real specialty. After being the Creative Director and the Head Designer at tag jeans for 5 years, I was the Head Designer for the Women's Denim Division at Ed Hardy for 2 years. During that time, I did numerous freelance collections for Adriano Goldschmeid, Bebe, Stitchs Denim, and many others brands. But then I figured that it was time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life.

I opened a restaurant called Le Petit-Saint Tropez in West Hollywood with the partnership of a friend. I decorated the walls with many amazing paintings by an artist named Justin Bua, he was showcasing his art LACMA at that time. After 4 months, I realized that I was selling more paintings than alcohol and food combined, so I decided to get into the world of art. Although I enjoyed every second of being a restaurateur, it wasn’t really my cup of tea.

I took a giant leap and prepared myself for the outcome; I rented a clothing showroom of my friend in downtown LA to hold a one-night event where I would feature promising artists and invited 300 of my ‘closest friends’. Alec Monopoly did live painting during the event, open bar, incredible attendance, local press, and 11 paintings being sold – that’s when I thought “THIS is what I should be doing!”. So I drove around the next morning looking for locations when I stumbled across a building on La Brea Avenue that used to be a car mechanics shop. It was 6,500 sq ft. That was it! Love at first site! Six weeks later I opened the world’s largest street art gallery: LAB ART.

Art, Fashion, and Real Estate all go hand in hand. The transition from art to real estate was quite seamless thanks to the client base I had built from the art and fashion world. My clientele is the same. I have made numerous friends out of collectors and then some collectors out of friends as well, and nowadays they are my clients in Real Estate.

So to answer your question, it was a journey of about 20 years that has prepared me to become a real estate agent.

What makes you so desirable to the Middle Eastern clientele?

I would very likely to believe that it is because of the fact that I am very well-informed of the current real estate market as well as the future trends. And also the fact that I grew up in the Arab world, so I have a certain like-mindedness to their wants and needs when it comes to real estate investment and their estimated returns. Not to mention the fact that I speak Arabic fluently. NO Lost in Translation!

Do you think that investing in Real Estate is safer than investing in other assets?

Nothing is safe. Each and every investment is a gamble. However, I would say that the Real Estate is the safest. Keep in mind that they don't make any more land! There is also a saying, “Don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait!”

What does a luxury property owner look at when choosing a real estate professional to sell his/her property? Why would they choose you instead of someone else?

Market know-how, trends, and most importantly, client Rolodex and personal relationships; these are the aspects most luxury property owners look at when choosing a real estate professional to sell their property. Knowing that to sell their property, I would focus on as if it were my own, and that they would be represented with the utmost meticulousness and care as if it were themselves present during the entire selling process. I always say, “There are 10 things to do when selling your home. #1. Call me. I’ll handle the other 9!”

Are your listings only focused on Beverly Hills & Bel-Air? Does your real estate business extend beyond Los Angeles?

Fortunately, as being a part of the Hilton & Hyland family, as well as Luxury Portfolio International and Christie's International Real Estate, our reach extends all over the globe. However, my specialization is in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, but I also have many listings that are short term leases all over Orange County and Los Angeles, as well as listings for sale in other cities, states and countries, including Aspen, Colorado, and off-market listings in Marrakech, Morocco, Marbella, Spain, and Paris, France.

There is one property however, that I would particularly like to show you, if I may. This is my favorite:

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