Interview with artist Yulia Amagi

Art is my life. The scope of my work varied. I am an artist-esoteric, practicing astrologer, songwriter, singer, writer, poet. In my life a world of mysticism and creativity are closely intertwined. I think that talent is what is given by God to man from birth and should be protected and developed.The idea of creative works derive from space and his own dreams. I'm right-handed and left-handed at the same time. The genre in which I write my paintings, what I call the "magical energy painting". It is very close to surrealism and fantasy.

What do you consider as inspirations for your paintings?

Art is my life.I started drawing at 6 years old, but oil painting began writing to 12 years. I am inspired by the cosmos and music. My alias is the Sumerian word Ama-gi, which is a symbol of freedom. Very often ideas for new pieces come to me from dreams. In dreams I often see a starry sky, the planets, the moon huge, flying ships, a falling comet. I put in my paintings myself and my love. Hard for me to part with my paintings to give them to somebody else. For me important is not the speed and a commercial component, but the quality of the final product. Because my work is my "face" as a specialist in the field of painting. I believe that success does not depend on age or other things but the quality of the material аnd strength of talent. I'm always open to new projects and cooperation with interesting people. Last year I published a collection of postcards with their works. A few of my works are on the covers of books.

What kind of art styles and media do you like the most?

I see beauty in completely different things. Favorite direction in painting - surrealism, fantasy, psychedelic, futurism. The work of each artist is unique, each has its own style and recognizable style. And behind every product is a specific person with his life history. Now I'm writing a new psychedelic picture, which will depict yourself. In my life a world of mysticism and creativity are closely intertwined. I think that talent is what is given by God to man from birth and should be protected and developed.Modern people lose the connection with the cosmos in more busy everyday life. The artist, like any Creator needs to keep that connection. Until 2015 I worked in the direction of Realism, a great period of my work dedicated to Russian landscapes and portraits. I have also created a series of works in the field of design and decorative art. In 2015, I got an Epiphany after a serious illness and began to write a totally different pictures. This surrealistic- esoteric paintings, a mixture of mysticism and fantasy. In Russia, I have exhibited his paintings in Ostankino Tower and the Tretyakov gallery. Life and death, love and betrayal, body and soul, youth and old age - those are the things that I express in my work. Often in nature as I use my own body parts. Usually I'm painting, but my head is already spinning the ideas new pictures.

Why did you do only a little bit about poetry and literature? Why not more?

A talent for writing became evident in childhood. I write poetry and prose. I write songs and sing. I play a musical instrument guitar. My poetry is a philosophical and love lyrics. Since 2013, I write lyrics for songs in Russian and English languages, as well as articles on spirituality and personal growth. I'm writing a philosophical book-these are my personal reflections on life and human destiny, that everything happens for a reason. His works I publish in literary, scientific journals and the media. Was repeatedly a participant and winner of literary competitions, festivals, nominated for the "writer of the year/ the Poet of the year" 2013-2017 and participant in scientific-practical conferences devoted to the issues of journalism. I could devote more time to literature, but for me painting is a priority.

What is your world perspectives and view? What do you do for work?

I understand that I will see the results of my work in the futureIn addition to painting, literature and music, I do astrological consultation. I have received higher education of the artist, journalist and astrologer. I feel that I live when I work, the more involvement, the more increases my energy and strength. If I help people if I can my activity their inspire – mean I go the right way. In my opinion, art should open a person look at the things that he does not notice in everyday life, and encouraged to return to their natural roots, to soul and heaven. Every year I discover in his work, new facet, experimenting.Very often people who came to me for help, come back to me again and again. And I support with them warm contacts. I try and surround yourself with people who can be inspire, to enrich not only my mind but also my soul. Because the environment greatly affects people. I am a perfectionist by nature. I believe that every person who is born, its mission on earth.

What are your life wish(es)? How do you plan to achieve it/them?

I confess frankly - I have something to tell the world. Now I'm 26 years old and I understand that it's only the beginning. "To be yourself and go your own way always, under any circumstances" -is my motto!I believe that all of our thoughts and cherished desires implemented. I believe in the power of thought and power of labor. At the moment I'm preparing for a personal exhibition which will take place first in Russia and then abroad.. I see the responses of people from different countries. I inspire people and they inspire me. I would like to create such a picture by looking at which people would have seen their whole life. it turned out that for spiritual and creative growth I need life crises. Heartache has opened in me a profound resource and a gift to feel not only other people,but also to convey these States in the works. I go to their goals. For me, the main principle-"to be rather than to seem. Be always yourself and openly Express your feelings and personality.

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