Q&A Session with Samira Warda - A Talented Permanent Makeup Artist from Belgium

Samira Warda specializes in Dermopigmentation for lips, eyes, eyebrows, as well as restorative dermopigmentation (including mammary areolas, scarring, etc.). Passionate about make-up artistry and beauty, Samira Warda specializes in restructuring your eyebrows, highlighting them with a delicate eyeliner as well as subtly pulping-up your lips to match and blend the aspects of your face in a distinctive way, providing a very natural result.

Empire du Regard works with pigments according to quality European standards of BIOTIC Phocea; the French leader when it comes to permanent medical make-up. The brand has been well-known for 30 years in France with regards to restorative dermopigmentation and permanent make-up.

Samira Warda (Empire du Regard) allows you to channel your inner beauty and save you your valuable time with her skills and knowledge of permanent make-up artistry. Empire du Regard also carries out Home Vip Services around the globe.

Tell us about your journey towards semi-permanent make-up

Make-up and skincare are my primary passions. I studied economics in my hometown Mouscron, Belgium, my parents still live there. I continued studying economics in the first year of high school but I didn't like the numbers, so I chose to pursue what most woman love: beauty. That’s why I enrolled in Make Up For Ever Academy. Another reason behind this was the fact that I was already a makeup artist before doing permanent makeup.

My journey with Make Up For Ever Academy started in Belgium where I learned the basics. I had the opportunity of practicing makeup and make my world through the beauty in two countries because I lived near the Franco-Belgian border. In France, beauty is far more developed as compared to Belgium. I worked for several brands at first including Benefit Europe, Sephora France, Cinq monde Portugal France, and many other major brands that specialize in the Regard Français. Anti-aging care was my other interest and I spent a lot of my time at Anti Age Luxury Bruxelles training and sharpening my skills.

How did you get to Morocco?

My husband and I decided to visit Morocco to learn its geography and also to develop a project in the Gulf as well as in some African countries in the future. My other goals included the promotion of our quality of service and to be the ambassador of a high-quality pigment in the French Touch known as Biotic Phocea France. It is located in Morocco. French quality is well-recognized all around the world due to its know-how in luxury, art, and beauty.

I continue to provide my services in Belgium and France in VIP home service and I will also be teaching manual micro-shading at the Biotic Phocea laboratory in 2018.

Why didn't you just stay in normal makeup?

When I was working for Regard, a great French brand, I saw that there were lots of possibilities with permanent and semi-permanent makeup. Proper asymmetry in the lips, eyebrows. For individuals who have had a peel because of breast cancer, chemotherapy, illness, stress. It helps an individual take a look in the mirror at any time of the day and feel good about it. I began multiple trainings all around the world from there. I trained in Asia, Europe, as well as in Marseille, France at Biotic Phocea which is a renowned leader in medical pigments for all Medical Esthetics.
I like the challenge and effort it takes to give a new look to a person, to restore her charm with a natural look, to give her a new smile. I remain in simplicity and to naturalness as much as possible. I think that one should never go into extravagance.

Why everyone is so interested in micro-blading and permanent lip makeup?

There is a lot of promotion and publication on social medias that makes everyone think that it's easy when the fact is that it can be harmful and can do a lot of damage to the face. Personally, I think it would be best to go through a normal make-up school first before moving on to semi-permanent and permanent make-up.

As compared to what it used to be, the semi-permanent and permanent makeup has evolved a lot over the years. Those days are gone when your eyebrows turned green or blue because of a bad tattooist.
There are organic and mineral pigments nowadays that only turn a little bit orange and ash grey for lighter skins, however they can be easily corrected. The needles have also evolved a lot; now you can work with greater precision than before.

Unfortunately, I still observe a lot of undesirable points in Morocco and in some African countries such as badly trained people, counterfeited pigments, hygiene problems, etc. These issues cause a lot of harm.

What is the difference between a good permanent makeup and the other one?

There are a number of things that count; the hand of the practitioner, her attentiveness and listening to the client, her frankness with the client, and the raw material used to make up the color of the pigments and semi-permanent makeup. Personally, I prefer to work with the pigments that are certified to French and Euro standards. Same goes with the tattoo machine and needles.
Stay up-to-date, evolve as the make-up does and don’t rest on your experience and laurels like any other profession.

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