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With matters of the heart, we can choose to laugh or cry at the intricate web of events and emotions which leads to happiness…or unhappiness. The Bright Side of Attraction is a film which pushes the hyperbolic limits of that comedy and passion. The enchantment that happens in matters of the heart is used in a literal sense for this story which gives every viewer someone to relate to among the characters. Sometimes seeing our own manners and actions performed by an actor onscreen can educate us more about ourselves and love, and do so less painfully than real life; all while making us laugh. As with your favorite comfort food, there’s nothing drastically different required for you to enjoy a story so warm and inviting.

Jem is a woman but she is also a magical creature. While women are definitely enchanting, Jem is literally so. The daughter of a Cupid and a Succubus, Jem possess the often uncontrollable ability to claim the hearts of men, not necessarily of her own intentions. This becomes somewhat of a curse for her as the undesired attention makes her day to day increasingly cumbersome. The source of her actual affection is her boyfriend Cody who, unknown to Jem, is in fact a Cupid himself. The story hints at the ancient tales of the Romans and Greeks which intermingled magical beings with mortals. That which supersedes all is love.

While Jem and Cody are the amorous emotional proxy for the viewer, the comedic relief is Rob; an everyday mortal who has fallen under Jem’s gaze and thus her power. The affable Rob is endearing in his refusal to accept an unrequited love. He seems perfectly reasonable until Jem’s enchantment overtakes him. While highly exaggerated in the story, the idea of being overwhelmed by an attraction to someone is easily relatable to all of us. This aspect alone makes Rob the connective tissue for the viewers of this film. The incredible performance of Constantin Cascante as Rob is what cements this. Cacante has appeared as the “heavy” in a number of films (LA Dangerous, Watermark, and others) but here he is the warm lovable guy that you find yourself rooting for while simultaneously hoping he’ll gain self-respect and move on. Rob is kind, attentive (perhaps too much so), and well-meaning…which makes it all the more difficult to see him in pain. Director Janae Tabony professes, “If you’ve seen Constantin’s previous work you wouldn’t recognize him as Rob. That speaks highly to his talent. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted for each characters and the story. Contantin’s comedic timing and impulses are extraordinary. He is such a well-rounded actor, capable of manifesting vastly different personas.” There’s a lot of heart in The Bright Side of Attraction and Rob is the perfect ambassador of this, thanks in great part to Cascante’s mesmerizing and hilarious performance.

The Bright Side of Attraction is likely so freeing because of the modern climate we live in. The film reminds us that there is a lightheartedness even in the anguish of romantic relationships. It’s a story of good people who truly want to be happy while harboring no secret malice for other’s vying for attention. The Bright Side of Attraction offers what many of us seek, an escape to a benevolent world where we just want to love and respect, and receive the same in kind. Janae Tabony and this exceptional cast have created the opportunity for us to enter this world, even if for only a short time.

Author: Kelly King
THE BRIGHT SIDE OF ATTRACTION Reviewed by JaamZIN on 10:03:00 PM Rating: 5
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