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Interview with painter Aleksandra Cherepanova

Aleksandra Cherepanova is a young painter from Moscow, Russia. She graduated in 2007 from the Academy of Painting department of Moscow Academy of Education and majored in easel and monumental painting. Since 2008 she has been a member of the MUA (Moscow Union of Artists), Monumental Art section. We have conduced an interview with her.

What inspires you to your art style?

My artistic style has been formed for a very long time since birth. And it seems to me that he will develop my whole life. Winding lines, like sea waves, are associated with me from the inner universe of man. It is the inner world, the subconscious and the human brain that is the subject of my creativity. Philosophical thoughts, dreams, different visions of the reality of different people. That is, I study the brain neither as a scientist or a psychologist, but as an artist. Humanity is as yet the little-studied brain. We do not know anything about what is happening not somewhere far away but in our own head! And we can never learn this completely because we are trying to understand the brain with the help of the brain. This is why I use curved wavy lines, they associate with me with an endless ocean inside each person. The process of knowing which is also not yet completed and that in its depths no one knows.

Do you only work on paintings? Do you use other media as well?

Basically, I work in oil paints. And most often I prefer large and very large artwork formats. However, for my creative life, I've been through so many different materials. And sometimes I do something else. For example, a mosaic made of stone or glass, a fresco, a sculpture. I also paste paper, cloth and various objects in the artworks. I also do incredibly many artworks on paper. A lot of watercolors and pastels. Despite the fact that I really love watercolor, I treat small format paintings on paper as sketches. Then I make three-meter artwork out of them. I also invented some of my own painting techniques. For example, contemporary fresco. This is a textured painting on a gypsum base with pigments. But only I know the basic composition of it and it's a secret. Now I refused it in favor of oil painting. Because I like to discover something new in art, and not do the same thing. Now I am striving to discover something new within the framework of one style, in order to develop it. And the best thing for this is the huge artwork of oil.

Which is the most amazing award you have ever received?

Yes, I received many local and international awards. I myself do not even know how much. Because the main reward for me is when I look at the viewer of my artwork and see the happiness in his eyes! When they clean up my artwork and they genuinely like it! This makes me happy too. I like it when the viewer starts to think about what's going on in my artwork. And he applies my reasoning to a work of his life. And when someone buys an artwork for themselves, not just into the interior, but realizing its meaning. Realizing that the complexity of the creation, not only physical but also psychological creation of only one artwork. Understanding and loving my artwork is the best reward on earth!

What do you plan to showcase in the near future? Where can people see it?

The nearest exhibition will be held in March in New York. However, only my artwork will be presented there and only on the big screen, and not live. All my personal exhibitions have so far only been held locally. And this is not surprising because I prefer the format of the artwork. I used to do 10-15 exhibitions around the world, but now I began to show my artwork only at significant events. For example Art Basel. And if earlier I sent artwork suffering from packaging and delivery, in our age of high technology artworks are shown on the big screen at major events. And, of course, on the Internet, in social networks and virtual exhibitions. I understand that this is not the same as the real exhibition. Therefore, if I find a competent person who organizes an exhibition with my huge paintings, then I will be very happy! Therefore, if such a person reads this article, let him write to me. Many artists complain that galleries take a percentage. But I know very well what a hard work on advertising, delivery, the impact of these people. I would be happy if all this work will be done for me! And so they deserve encouragement.

As a teacher of art, what do you think are the most important things to remember in the pursuit of great art?

I have been teaching painting and drawing since 2005. And I have very different students. I believe that the most important thing is the disclosure of individuality. And in no way imitate the great artists! It's very important to be yourself! In my lessons, students apply different methods and styles of art. This is all in order to understand what exactly suits this person. We study both classical and modern art. We try all styles from realism and impressionism to modernism and pop art. And the methods are also very different: watercolor, pastel, acrylic, oil, pencil, charcoal, sepia, ink and much more. You can subscribe to art training with me on skype. And, of course, my work with oil, watercolor, and prints you can buy.

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