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Interview With Paleo Expert - Dr. Lane Sebring

Doctor Lane Sebring has a bachelor's degree in biology and an M.D. from the University of Texas. Upon completing his residency at the Health Science Center, also at the University of Texas, and working at a primary care clinic, he decided to give back to his community with his own unique and synergistic approach to health and medicine. In 1996, Dr. Sebring opened his private practice, the Sebring Clinic, located between San Antonio and Austin. Disenchanted with some of the cure-all approaches of modern medicine, Sebring studied and applied the merits of the Paleo Diet (eating mainly fish, meat, veggies and fruit) to his medical practice and approach.

What made you want to become a Paleo expert?

I'm interested in helping my patients in an innovative way, in terms of traditional medicine. I don't just want to treat; I want to prevent. The Paleo diet is about working with the body's natural chemistry and systems. My approach to health is about sustainability and lifestyle. Studying and applying the Paleo diet for myself as well as my patients, is not a diet fad, but a way of life. Gaining the knowledge of and experience in the merits of the Paleo diet has allowed me to integrate a holistic approach to my patient care and put the power back in the hands of the patients to prevent, and in some cases, reverse disease.

What is one Paleo recipe you could eat every day for the rest of your life?

Paleo recipes are all about mimicking the way our ancestors lived and ate. Cavemen couldn't run down to the local supermarket for packaged ready-made processed meals, and just because that convenience is there for all of us in the modern world, doesn't mean we should use it.

One of my favorite Paleo recipes is the Paleo Chicken Stirfry. Chicken breasts, fresh veggies, some olive oil and lemon juice is all you need to create a healthy, fast, and tasty meal that provides the energy and protein requirements to take on the day.

What is one tip you would give those looking to start the Paleo Diet?

When it comes to implementing the Paleo diet, like most worthwhile things in life, it is not always an easy transition. I think many of us don't even realize how dependent we have become on processed foods and snacks. When it comes to Paleo for beginners, I would suggest the best starting point is through education. Read blogs, watch podcasts, whatever you can find on why and how to start. Educating yourself on the concepts of the Paleo diet will make it much easier when it comes time to applying the necessary dietary changes for each individual.

What are some benefits of starting a Paleo diet versus other diets?

I don't even consider the Paleo a 'diet'. The term 'diet' in the modern world seems to be equated with quick results. The Paleo diet is about more than quick weight-loss results; it's about an entire overhaul to a person's dietary lifestyle. Can other diets deliver? Sure, they can. But exactly how sustainable are those quick results? The whole end game of the Paleo regimen is about longevity and lifestyle, not quick results.

What is one Paleo success story you would like to share?

I would point towards the success of the Sebring Clinic and its Paleo pharmacy as it is based on an integrative individualized approach to medicine that promotes the Paleo regimen. This approach has helped numerous patients not only prevent, but in some cases, reverse diseases.

If you are interested in integrating some of the changes and benefits of the Paleo lifestyle, follow Dr. Lane Sebring through his blog where you will find numerous diet, lifestyle, and Paleo recipes to get you started.

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