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Walking the Walk at LAFW with Holly Kagis

Holly Kagis has modeled on some of the most important runways in the industry, from New York Fashion Week to Australia. It can be a whirlwind; hopping planes, switching time zones and trying to remember what city you are in…not that Holly is complaining. She’s worked hard to get where she is and the volume of work which comes her way is representative of the attention and recognition she has acquired in the fashion world. This year marks the model’s second season at Los Angeles Fashion Week. The event has steadily increased in popularity as evidenced by the names attached during this growth; Hale Bob, Michael Costello and Fernando Alberto Atelier vet the eclectic prism which culminates in LAFW.

While some still think of European fashion centers, America has continued its ascension to become a host of some of the most famous fashion events in the world. Holly has found herself on the runways of New York Fashion Week, recognized universally as one of the most prominent industry events of each calendar year. Adorned with the creations of designers across the world at shows like NYFW powered by Art Hearts Fashion, Fashion Palette NYFW and others, New York embodies a very strong personality that permeates the experience. The whole city seems to get involved. Holly recalls, ‘One day I was on the subway and a guy in a Mets Jersey yelled out ‘Hey, Happy Fashion Week! That made me laugh.’

Sought out across the world also means desired across the country. Kagis frequently finds herself involved in shows on the West Coast at Los Angeles Fashion Week. From among hundreds of candidates, Holly was chosen to walk for a slew of designers including: Hale Bob, Fernando Alberto Atelier, Diana Couture, Siwy Denim, Nazia Rahman, Fernando Alberto Atelier, Lulu Harazin and Sue Wong. It’s rare for one model to walk for so many designers but Holly’s popularity vets the desirable look, poise, and personality that this model possesses and communicates on the runway. While the designs she wore at LAFW were varied, Kagis concedes that denim looks have always been a favorite and typifies the energetic and active aesthetic of Southern California. Holly is known for her work with household names like Jordache, Paige Denim, DSTLD, Nana Judy, Bettina Liano, and Level 99. Her performance at denim label Siwy Denim’s “Democracy on the Dancefloor” collection during LAFW was a ubiquitous topic of conversation following the event.

Some of the most exciting and lauded shows at LAFW were ones in which Holly took part. Sue Wong was awarded a lifetime achievement award for her dramatic collection which included Kagis. Hale Bob was the featured designer at this year’s LAFW, headlining the event, and the designer personally selected Holly for this show. Working for both designers was exciting and taxing as she admits, “It was great to be chosen by these artists. I have so much respect for them. My favorite memory of Los Angeles Fashion Week would be walking for Hale Bob because they were the headline designer for the event and the collection was a great one. I also loved being a part of Sue Wong’s runway show for which she earned a ‘lifetime achievement award’. The show was so dramatic and every gown in the collection was incredibly intricate. I was wearing the most amazing headpiece that felt like it weighed 100 pounds…It was definitely worth it to be part of the show.’

Author: Kelly King
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