An Interview with the Tinker Brothers

How long did you take to figure out your signature style of invisible paintings? What was the most difficult part of this process?

It’s all about simplicity. We have always aspired to make our art as simple as possible without losing any of the flavour, without losing any of the soul so to say. We believe there is so much beauty in simplicity. When we started experimenting with varnish and discovered (by accident) the ‘invisible paintings’ it felt like coming home. At last. We believe the difficulty of being an artist, any kind of artist really, isn’t so much about discovering your unique style or signature. What’s difficult is to stay true to your heart, despite the rejections, the opinions of others, or the temptations to settle for less because of financial reasons. The hard part of the process wasn’t so much finding our signature style, but sticking with it. No matter what happens, your heart knows the way.

Nobody Knows What It Means, But It’s Provocative” by Tinker Brothers, Stencil and varnish on canvas, 2018

Arty-Fact: "We often imagine that laying your eyes on a Tinker is like laying your eyes on a priceless diamond. Imagine owning one. We aspire to be the notorious gems of the art world and our art is created to inspire the rebel, the poet, and the joker within." ~ Tinker Brothers

Who got inspired first with the white on white remixes of comics on canvas first? Was it Liam or Noah?

It was Liam who took the piece “The Curve Of Her Lips”, which is a stenciled word painting in varnish on white, and hung it on a wall in our studio. What makes this an interesting story however, is that this was six months after the artwork was created. We created the piece as part of a solo-exhibition, but it never really made an impression on us. At the time we were more focused on doing remixes in black, red and gold, so the invisible piece never really caught our eye. It wasn’t until six months later, the moment we hung it on that wall, it stole the show. It was pure magic.

“The Curve Of Her Lips” by Tinker Brothers, Stencil and varnish on canvas, 2017

What does 'Tinker' actually mean in your name?

A name can be so much more than just some characters on your driver’s license. A name can be a symbol, an avatar, capturing the spirit of something. We wanted our name to inaugurate our legend. Tinker means light. The world needs more lovers, more warriors of light—art happens to be our weapon of choice.

Bob-omb’ by Tinker Brothers, Spray paint and 24-carat gold leaf on canvas, 2017

Arty-Fact: “We created this artwork at around 3 AM one morning. The work symbolizes our desire to drop a bomb on the art world and shake it up. We want to wake people up with our art, while at the same time inviting them to discover a deeper meaning in life.” - Tinker Brothers

Which is the most challenging and rewarding period since the beginning of your artistic career?

To every dreamer; sooner or later there comes a point when you just want to give up, to give in. When you feel like it’s never going to happen and your feet can’t carry your body for another step. When you are completely and utterly lost, alone and in the dark, that’s the moment… But, then your heart whispers; "I know you're tired, but come. This is the way."

Victory” by Tinker Brothers, Stencil and varnish on canvas, 2018

Arty-Fact: "What starts as an idea is transformed into an image, cut by hand into a stencil and spray painted onto canvas. And the dynamic of us working together? It’s like watching one of those 24/7 home cooking shows; smooth as fuck. What we do to get inspired is unfortunately something we cannot give away - can you imagine Willy Wonka spilling the beans?" ~ Tinker Brothers

If you can only choose one from Mickey Mouse, Felix The Cat and Stormtrooper helmets to Snoopy and Woodstock from the Charles M. Schulz comic strip Peanuts, which of these instantly recognisable pop-culture references is your personal favorite? Why (Liam and Noah can give one answer each, it may or may not be the same)

Without a doubt, our favourite superhero of all time is Woodstock. Why? There is tremendous power in being underestimated. Woodstock might have the looks of a cute little bird, but remember, some birds are not meant to be caged.

Woodstock (Middle Finger)” by Tinker Brothers, Spray paint and 24-carat gold leaf on canvas, 2017

Arty-Fact: “We believe in simplicity. Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to be taken away. With this in mind we intend to create pieces that are both revolutionary and timeless.” – Tinker Brothers

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