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Brian Motroni Introduces Hunter Law P.A.

Hunter Law P.A is a law firm stationed in Tampa, Florida where countless personal-injury victims go to get legal help. I have over a decade of experience focusing on plaintiff personal injury cases. I take great pride in helping victims get a fair recovery when tragedy and injuries befall their lives. I always keep my client's goals and best interests in mind and look for solutions and resolutions that will best serve their individual needs. Through transparency, great communication, and hard work a lot of my previous clients have thanked me for fighting so hard for them when they thought that no one else would.

How would you characterize the working environment at Hunter Law P.A?

An accurate way to describe us is to say that we are a small family that always tries to compete internally. For example, David, our senior associate attorney for family law, and I often try to outdo one another. Whenever I win a case, I can expect that David has a victory of his own that he has been waiting to share with me. Similarly, our founding partner Regina often challenges everyone to be as effective as we can be by incentivizing us with group outings and team building.

What are some of the most important questions that you ask potential clients?

To be honest, the most important question that I ask is directed at myself. I review all the material that the client has at the initial consultation and ask myself if I will be able to achieve a favorable outcome for them. That requires me learning what their individual needs and expectations are before we begin representing them. This early communication and understanding are essential in forging the trust that is required in an effective attorney-client relationship. If there is a good chance that I can provide them with the representation that they need and deserve, I offer to take their case on.

How would you characterize the current state of the judicial system in this nation?

There are certainly areas that need improvement, but I am satisfied with the way that most things operate. Looking at some of the common loopholes, however, I would say that the most significant issues arise from state-to-state discrepancies. For example, I find it amazing that you can drive in Texas and make a right turn on a red traffic light but then get a hefty fine if you do this in New York. I believe that states which are supposed to be united should adhere to a standard set of laws so that there would be a level playing field for everyone. It seems unfair that doing something in one place can be perfectly fine yet is likely to be penalized with jail time somewhere else within the same country.

What makes you one of the best Personal injury attorney in Tampa and how do you stay ahead of your competition?

I always seek to understand my clients’ needs and expectations and then striving to exceed them. A lot of attorneys lose focus on what matters as they chase the offer to become a partner or advance their own career. I am proud that I have always kept my work very client-oriented and have never found myself caught in the rat race or trying to keep up with the Joneses. If I do good work for good people, the rest will take care of itself.

Is there any court case that impacted your decision to become a lawyer?

There have been countless landmark cases decided by the Supreme Court that motivated me to become a lawyer. Looking at some of the landmark decisions that have shaped our society such as the interracial marriage issues as displayed in Loving vs. Virginia or reproductive freedom in Roe v. Wade have transformed our country and inspired many to enter the legal field. Practicing law is a great career if you are looking to make a difference.

Have you ever lost a case that seemed like a "slam-dunk"?

I was unable to complete a settlement claim for one of my clients a few years ago. The person that I worked with did not present all the facts to me, and I got blindsided by a ton of evidence that the other side presented. Looking back at it, that experience goes well with my previous answer to the important question lawyers must ask. It teaches a lesson that effective communication between a client and a lawyer is the most important aspect of a case. I can clear most hurdles that I am aware of, but if the client makes me unaware of something, we can both get tripped up.

What does somebody who wants to work with you need to have?

They must have the drive and far-reaching ambitions. I will seldom hire a person that does not seem enthusiastic about the law as that will not go well with our office atmosphere. Also, they have to interact well with others and be a team player. Those skills can’t always be taught, they are more likely to be engrained in someone from a young age, so I prefer to hire people who already possess them.

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