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Relocating is always somewhat difficult but having a friend who knows the ropes: where to find a good place to rent, where to eat, what to avoid…all of these things make a difference in establishing the solid foundation your experience is built upon. For businesses making their move to the US, that helping hand is a group called Locate in USA. Everything from how to go about obtaining a driver’s license to how the U.S. healthcare system works can be confusing and unfamiliar. When presenting one’s self in the marketplace to associates and clients, not dealing with the added stress of these aspects can make a monumental difference in demeanor and perception. Locate in USA has assisted many companies and their employees in making the calm transition to relocating or simply expanding into America.

Holly Gottlieb, Locate In USA

Moving to a completely new part of the world is not something that most people experience. Doing so with a business is an even smaller subset. Locate in USA is a partnership of seven businesses who, with a sense of great empathy, help to ease the culture shock of relocating to America in both a professional and personal way. Business and personal checklists are provided as well as direct advice from members whose areas of specialization range from realty to legalities, tax advice, and others. Partners pool information resources to enable businesses to navigate the intricacies of establishing itself in the US with expediency and comfortability. Holly Gottlieb, La Fosse Executive Research Recruiter and member of Locate in USA, relocated from the UK to Los Angeles and remarks, “There are a lot more legal requirements here than there are in the UK. It's a huge task for any business, no matter where you’re coming from. We've been here for two years and we're still only scratching the surface! The partners of Locate in USA find it easy to relate to a company and individuals who are going through the same process.” Locate in USA Founding Partner Adam Beach relates, “I moved to the US in 2007. I spent a lot of time researching and speaking to people I met without truly knowing if I was making the best decisions. There were so many questions that I needed answered. When do I need to get a California driver’s license? Can I buy a car before I get a Social Security number? What’s the best way to transfer my money from the UK to the US? In the ten years that I’ve been here I’ve made some amazing connections with other professionals and I’m happy that we can provide assistance to others based on our experience.”

Locate in USA has the dual benefit of helping new companies understand the process of relocating as well as creating an instant network for them to tap into. Beneficial professional relationships are often a by-product of the trust cultivated in the process. An instantaneous infrastructure of knowledge and connections is made available in an altruistic offering; that’s correct, no financial transactions are made. While pundits often refer to the business world as based on self-interest alone, Locate in USA contradicts this premise. The members of this group understand that when each individual entity is assisted, the entire community benefits.

The US preeminence in tech based around Silicon Valley is expanding to areas like Silicon Beach (on the west side of Los Angeles) and this growth is attracting some of the companies and talent at the forefront of the industry. In assisting companies in the tech sector (as well as others), Locate in USA is contributing to America’s reputation as the tech capital of the planet.

At a time when there is so much discussion of America desiring the best and brightest from around world, Locate in USA is producing actual results.

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