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Interview with fine arts entrepreneur Ashley Terrell

Tonight our guest is Ashley Terrell, a fine arts entrepreneur and Amazon best selling author. Owner of Stella Bistro Foods and BSC & Co. We have conducted an interview with her.

Why did you want to write a memoir?

I wrote my memoir, The Black Sheep Shadow, because people should be understood. We share the same feelings, yet to what degree? The Black Sheep Shadow was a writing piece that's needed for mental, spiritual and emotional growth. Knowing how far you come breeds determination and courage. Determination and courage is diluted because people don't feel it's needed to become a better person [for ourselves]. I don't believe those characteristics are spoken on too much anymore because negativity sells in the media. I have a testimony of the glory of God! Your hardships and perseverance can be someone else's breakthrough. I wanted my memoir, The Black Sheep Shadow, to show my determination to find my purpose and the courage to tell my audience our journeys are worth every step in becoming greater.

What is the symbol of the 'sheep' in this memoir, a black sheep in particular and the emphasis on its shadow in the title?

The black sheep has a very direct and indirect message. At times, I felt so alone, isolated and confined. Those feelings will have anyone feel dark or different. How we deal with the darkness is what builds our character. For years, I was the black sheep. I feel myself [still] considering myself a black sheep, just enlightened now. My darkness inspired my light and what I wanted to attract. The black sheep isn't really dark, it's what's around the black sheep that can make it [feel ]that way. For those times, I'm grateful because I can considered the indirect and direct message of The Black Sheep Shadow as resilience and perseverance by overcoming the negativity that once weighed me down.

What is the importance of its influence of the building of your food brand, Stella Bistro Foods and Fine Arts, company 'BSC & Co.,'?

My memoir, The Black Sheep Shadow has showed me my [true] strength in doing what makes me happy. I fell in love with food at six years old. When Stella Bistro Foods elevated and launched, I couldn't have been more proud of myself. The strength I discovered in my ambition, determination, stance and vision came from the strength of telling my testimony and touching others. BSC & Co. is an extension of that [too]. No one should tell someone to not express themselves. Who are they? You can express yourself however you choose. BSC & Co. allows me to do that - whether it's textiles, media and broadcast, literature, coaching, culinary arts or visual arts I can express my visions, my story and inspire someone to follow and find themselves [and their purpose in life].

What makes you feel empowered?

(smiles). This is my first time EVER being asked this question! My faith and humility make me feel empowered. If He can trust you with a little, you'll receive increase. Becoming confident in my stance as a multi-faceted entrepreneur makes me feel empowered and unique.

Why is empowerment and growth important, in your opinion? How do you want to spread these notions?

To see and feel growth IS empowerment. In order for growth to become your empowerment, you must have determination for your goals to be achieved. It all works together. It's important to increase knowledge of empowerment and growth [for yourself] because there are too many talented people wanting to "make it" or be known. In desperation or lack of knowledge, artists [of all walks] sell themselves short - literally - because the walk is too long or their confident level isn't the highest. If you can sell millions of albums with a label, what made you think you can't do it independently? If you know the publishing industry, why not publish via your own publishing company? Why is another company taking a percentage? I spread knowledge and inspiration by hosting entrepreneurship courses via my webinar, DREAM Academy. The more you know, the more you'll find yourself to stand tall for who you've become and your purpose. Think of it like this: your growth are your shoes in life and the finish line is your empowerment. When and how will you move to feel accomplished?

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