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Interview with master life coach Dr Bruno Roque Cignacco

Dr Bruno Roque Cignacco is a Master Life coach and Master NLP practitioner who studied Metaphysics for more than 17 years. He is the author of of two inspirational books such as "How to Manifest Money Effortlessly. Techniques to be more prosperous" and "How to Become a Miracle Worker with your Life". We have conducted an interview with him.

During your years as a Consultant, Master Life coach and Master NLP practitioner, which is the most challenging and inspiring period? How was it like?

My work as a professional supporter both for individuals and organisations worldwide has always been challenging, but also extremely satisfying and enriching. I continually realised that all individuals and organisations have their blind spots, and they often need a detached professional view to develop more creative and insightful perspectives to prosper in their activities. My role as a coach, consultant and NLP practitioner has been to help these organisations and individuals harness their full potential and to prompt them to achieve their goals in a more effective manner.

Most individuals and organisations tend to perceive their choices as limited, as if they were carved in stone. As an advisor, I have been continually determined to help these organisations and individuals perceive new alternatives and non-traditional ways to do things. As a professional supporter, I encourage them to utilise their innermost resources in a more innovative manner. Over years I have often seen individuals and organisations about to touch rock-bottom that made surprising transformational shifts by following the advice I provided.

Why is it important to trust on these principles: repentance, forgiveness, love and gratefulness?

When people are connected to these values their states of consciousness is automatically lifted. These individuals take responsibility for their lives, and leave any state of condemnation of themselves or others behind. For instance, repentance and forgiveness are always choices that have a powerful cathartic effect. Repentance and forgiveness liberate people from the sorrow of past mistakes and help them leave any negative state (guilt, grudge, hatred, resentment, victimhood, etc.) behind.

When I talk about love, I am referring to unconditional love, which means loving those around you without expecting anything in return. Unconditional love is the most powerful energy that exists, it is naturally harmonising and dissipates any state of fear, resistance or hostility. I always say that love is a feeling of togetherness which connects you with everything that exists. On one side, some scientists even assert that love expands intellectual skills; on the other side, mystics state that love always connects you to your inner wisdom. Love helps you surmount life challenges in an easier manner.

Gratitude helps people appreciate what they have in their life. In that sense, when people are grateful they naturally tend to focus on what is positive around them, which creates a virtuous cycle. People can be grateful for the things they possess, the experiences they go through and the people around them. I commented about these principles in my last book “How to Become a Miracle Worker with your Life” which are about a very ancient and powerful Hawaiian technique called Ho’oponopono. In this book, I provide readers with a myriad of practical exercise to become more repentant, forgiving loving and thankful in their lives.

What motivated you to write your book "How to Manifest Money Effortlessly. Techniques to be more prosperous"?

One of the things that motivated me to write this book was the fact that I observed, when advising individuals and organisations, that most of them have negative assumptions about money, for example, “It takes a lot of effort to make money”. “To earn more money, I have to work more”, “Save money for the rainy day”, “Time is money”, “People with money have specific skills” and similar ones. All these negative assumptions are widespread and prevent people from become more prosperous.

In my book I provide the reader with a wide range of tools the challenge these assumptions and replace them with more positive ones such as “Money is a consequence of your intention”, “Money is freedom and independence” “Money is an abundant matter”, “Money is a reward for your added value” and “Money is a means not a destination”, among others.

Another fact that motivated me to write this book was also that in most books about abundance and prosperity, tools to become more prosperous are explained in a partial, and oftentimes superficial manner. Therefore, I decided to write a book which approaches prosperity from a multidimensional perspective (emotional, rational, energetic, etc.) This book offers readers a wider range of well-proven techniques for a more abundance life, which I have used over the years to become more prosperous. Some examples of these tools are positive thinking, visualization, affirmations, energy management, emotional balance, Feng Shui, decluttering, chakra cleansing, meditation, goal-setting, etc. The book explains these tools in depth, giving examples and practical tips to apply to develop more abundance in different areas of our lives, relationships, finances, career, health, etc. This book has become very popular worldwide, and it was published in other language besides English, including Italian and Korean.

Where did you publish the first of these books?

My first book was on Marketing topics. It is called “International Marketing: Fundamentals for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”. It was originally published in Spanish in Argentina, but became a bestseller in Spanish speaking countries. Later on, this book was also published in Portuguese, becoming a best-selling text for Portuguese speaking countries.

This book was published in English by Atlantic publisher and it is successfully being sold worldwide. This book is very complete and practical and includes among other topics: globalization and international environments, advantages of going international, relevant information for internationalization, selection of the most appropriate international markets and ways of entering them and adaptation of products of services to international markets.

This book also includes other topics such as: international pricing and promotion, international distribution, and main aspects of quality and competitiveness for international markets, among other topics. This book has been praised by prestigious institutions worldwide, such as the International Trade Centre (Geneva, Switzerland) – a leading organisation worldwide regarding international trade and international marketing.

Do you prefer the Business or Self Help genre?

I love both genres! The business genre helps me create and develop significant strategic, tactical and operational aspects to support organisations in their business endeavours. The self-help genre helps me deliver valuable tools to prompt individuals to reach their full potential and connect to their unique innermost resources.

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