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Interview with singer and songwriter Janet Odani

Janet Odani is a singer/songwriter currently based in Coffs Harbour in Australia. As a young girl, she always loved music, wrote her first song at the age of six and she was always keen to be part of school musicals and choirs. Janet Odani recently released her new album, 'Valiant Warrior'. We have conducted an interview with her.

Which analogy/analogies did you use to express what you felt about "Valiant Warrior"?

My most recent album, ‘Valiant Warrior’ is an inspirational album highlighting the challenges on my journey as a believer in Jesus Christ with a focus on the promises of God for companionship, salvation, victory, and love. The analogy I used is that of a tenacious struggle whilst singing songs and praying for a positive change.

How different is this album from your debut 'Transparency'?

The songwriting process for ‘Valiant Warrior’ album led me into a lot of soul searching and being real about certain struggles that one can face not only by the fact that they are a Christian but also just by 'doing life'. Sometimes just when you think things are alright, life throws you a curveball. I soon began to realize the songs I was writing for ‘Valiant Warrior’ had this in common.

Songs on this album such as ‘Waiting’, ‘I’m still here’, ‘Loyalty’, ‘You carry me’, ‘Lion of Judah’, ‘Battlecry’, ‘Let it all crumble down’, ’Valiant Warrior’ focus on an expectant hope for things to change in the face of uncertainty. ‘For You’, ‘The Peace I give to you’ and ‘River of Peace’ talk about comfort in light of trying times. ‘At the Cross’ pretty much sums up the Christian faith. That is, the belief that divine exchange happened between God and man at the cross through the death of Jesus Christ and through His resurrection, those who believe in Him share in His resurrection and overcome what He overcame.

My debut album, ’Transparency’ on the other hand, was a mix of both love songs and inspirational songs.

What has changed or remain the same during your songwriting process?

I really enjoyed the songwriting process for this album. I find the songwriting process at times can be influenced by emotions or wanting to get a creation message across in a musical way. The songwriting process for ‘Valiant Warrior’ was different for different songs. Some songs were written out of emotion and others were built from an idea or melody which eventually resulted in a complete song. The one thing that has remained during the same during my songwriting process is focusing on honesty when writing lyrics.

What advice will you give to a beginner songwriter about inspirational songwriting?

I would encourage anyone who has a passion or interest in songwriting to first of all be honest and open about your emotions or the point you want to get across with songwriting. Once you have a pretty good idea of what this is, then you can begin to write a song around that. Some songs have many words other have few but it’s all about expressing yourself in lyrics the best way you can.
The next step would be to think about or have an idea of what type of genre you are comfortable with and this influences how your song will sound.

And then… just write! Live the dream!!! Do it anyway whether it comes together quite nicely or the lyrics don’t flow as easily as you hope and you end up making a few changes here and there. If you want to learn to walk then you have to take the first step.

Songwriting is a craft that a songwriter must always keep working at and I would encourage a beginner songwriter to always keep working on songs/new ideas/new tunes and keep a record of all your ideas - you’re only going to get better over time.

How do you get your motivations to write and release inspirational songs?

My motivation to write and release inspirational songs stems from personal experiences and lessons I have learned along the way in my Christian journey.

What do you feel passionately about in relation to art?

The character in the music videos for Valiant Warrior received a bag of music instruments which I will refer to as gifts. However not all gifts from this bag were used in subsequent songs depicted in music videos.

The scripture says that gifts of God are given irrevocably. This means this is a permanent decision but it is the choice of the person with the gifts to use them. At times gifts come with other abilities ie. a singer can also be a songwriter or a painter can also be a sculptor or an author can also be a poet. At times people are gifted but lack the confidence to use their gift or maybe have had a bad experience and would not want to share their gift anymore. Whatever the case is, please share your gift.

I am passionate about encouraging others to express themselves in whatever form of art that has meaning to them ie. cooking,baking, dancing,painting, acting and the list goes on. I would like to encourage anyone who wants to be creative to just start from where you are right now. If you only have a scrap book and are a cartoonist..then draw away. If you only have one chapter and your’e an author, then start writing your book. Don't despise small beginnings - it will lead to somewhere as you continue to share your gift with others. Constantly focus on perfecting your craft. You were born with this gift. You are unique and no one can do what you can do. Often I come across people who say “I wish I could do this” but are somehow hesitant to take the first step - can I just encourage you to start from from you are.….Don’t allow the dream to be distant without being part of it ….live the dream! In sharing your gift, you will discover more things about yourself and …you will find yourself.

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