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The Unknown - interview with singer and songwriter Maddy Rose

Maddy Rose is an Austrian Soul and Pop singer as well Songwriter based in London. Her new single "The Unknown" will be available on all online music stores on 24th of April. "The Unknown" is part of her upcoming EP "Blossom" and is an uplifting and positive vintage Pop/Soul song that evokes optimism and captures the blossoming feeling of springtime. We have conducted an interview with Maddy about her new release.

Tell us a little more about your EP "BLOSSOM" and what people can expect from the songs?

For this EP I wanted to remind people of the powerful emotions that come from pure and acoustic music, the warmth of a cello, the sustained note on a piano and the vibrato of a soft and warm voice. All 3 songs feature only acoustic recordings and there is no synthesizer or electronic beat. As pure and beautiful as music should be.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words and what is your music about?

If I'd describe me as an artist in 3 words, it'd be soulful, vintage and feminine. My music is about self-esteem, self-love, and the meaning of life.

How different is this Single from your previous "Save Myself"? What are your expectations of the new release?

Now that I am releasing 3 songs together they have a much more cohesive sound going on. All songs feature a jazzy feel but still different vibes - One is to dance to, one is to relax and one is to reminisce in Nostalgia. It is like Norah Jones meets Amy Winehouse or the revival of Duffy.

Who are your inspirations or musical influences in the 'soul music' genre?

My influences are Norah Jones, Carole King, and Etta James. Anything that has a soulful arrangement, touching vocals and jazzy elements is really fascinating, it is like if you were to drown in the music and feel it even more.

"It is your point of view that makes you value the challenge", can you share with us more about this experience?

I have now lived in London for 4 years and it was a time with my best and worst experiences, but in the end, I learned so much and became who I am now. I grew with every challenge, learned how to cope with setbacks and kept developing a thicker skin. Now that I am moving to Vienna I look back to an amazing year, filled with lots of music and success! Although it was hard at times it formed my personality and I am grateful for every challenge that's yet to come because it is part of our journey :)

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