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Waiakea Water and its role in conserving the environment

Waiakea Water is a California based water company that extracts and bottles drinking water. The water is obtained in Hawaii from the pristine active peak of Mauna Loa. The water passes through porous lava rocks before it is collected at the eastern base of Mauna Loa volcano. Coming from a volcanic mountain, the Hawaii volcanic water is said to be sweet and which will offer you a good dose of body hydration. Volcanic water benefits include enriched electrolytes and mineral levels that aid in the body functions. Waiakea Water being volcanic has a naturally alkaline PH of about 8.8.

After extraction, the company transports the water to California where it is bottled. The company's name Waiakea is a Hawaiian name meaning broad waters. It came into existence in 2012, and already it has made a good name for itself in the water industry.

Currently, the world is dealing with the issue of environmental degradation more so the degradation happening on our water bodies as a result of plastic contamination. It is estimated that about 38 billion plastic water bottles pollute our environment at the moment with only 23% being recycled or reused.

Waiakea Water is a company that prides itself on being an eco-friendly company that uses environmentally friendly processes. The company has, for instance, been certified carbon neutral because it uses low emitting cars to deliver their water. The company further contributes to environmental conservation by setting a portion of its revenue which goes towards supporting local community programs. Its contribution has also been felt outside the United States with Malawi being the beneficiary of the donation it gets from the company.

This year 2018, the company started using the first fully degradable bottles to package its water. Also, all the bottles this year will also be manufactured from a fully recyclable plastic material. This shows that Waiakea Water Company is dedicated to conserving the environment by incorporating environmental friendly aspects in their business strategy.

To this effect, the company was recognized as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America. The water company is headed by Ryan Emmons who serves as the CEO and the co-founder.

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