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Creativity, a unique voice, and environmental awareness are in diametric opposition to the idea of the furnishings and the appearance of commercial public and corporate environments. This idea has been profoundly proven to be in error thanks to EcoChic designer/founder/CEO Megan Risdon. EcoChic’s successful relationship with American e-commerce company Wayfair has established a template of visually striking looks from resourced materials which can be marketed and distributed to consumers who are not solely focused on creating a home environment. EcoChic has been immensely popular to individual consumers but the commercial clientele at Wayfair has found Risdon’s designs particularly valuable in giving them the ability to communicate a strong signature while manifesting vibrance.

Beauty and practicality don’t always go hand in hand. Megan’s signature style is her use of exciting colors with the organic feel of wood. Wayfair’s commercial customers require durability and desire pleasing aesthetics. EcoChic is contracted through the company’s commercial sales division, the key ingredient being Risdon herself. Conferring with the client about their needs, Megan sketches/creates prototypes and models for production based on functionality while adding her own renowned style and design innovations. Those who seek out EcoChic are looking to set themselves apart. They’re not followers, they’re trend setters. A quick browse of the EcoChic website establishes that those who connect with the products desire comfortability while proclaiming that they most certainly do not follow the status quo. They prefer to exist within a state of style which is conscious of both the world and themselves.

The pieces Megan designs may be created for practical functionality but also command the attention of art, a highly irregular concept for something created to be reproduced and placed in multiple venues. One such striking piece is the Apocalypso Coffee Table, created by Risdon for a large hotel chain. The designer relates, “This large hotel chain was seeking comfortable, quality, and stylish furnishings for multiple sitting areas located around one of the hotel’s locations. I successfully designed several seating options but the coffee table definitely stole the show. The Apocalypso Coffee Table is such a sculptural focal point, with a surprising take on the table base which twists and turns to give an asymmetrical effect from all angles and a jigsaw like effect. The solid wood construction provides reliable support for whatever you want to display. The base is adorned with colorful mosaic tiles, which you’ll see on all the pieces in our Apocalypso Collection. These marine-grade wood tiles are cut by hand from reclaimed teak fishing boat planks, making them both eco-friendly and naturally water-resistant. Not only are the mosaic tiles chosen for their complementary hues, but individual tiles often have variegated patterns formed by the layers of paint showing through. This jigsaw-like effect is not random but carefully planned with the eye of an artist, each square perfectly aligned. The tempered glass top and shelf are both useful and understated, allowing the whirling colors below to take the spotlight.” The client was so smitten with Megan’s design that they placed her designs in multiple locations. Other EcoChic designs such as the Atlantis Bench and Barefoot Bar Chair have garnered much attention and solidified Wayfair’s desire to work with this forward thinking company and its CEO.

Different eras are known for their look and stylistic temperament. EcoChic and the force behind it in Megan Risdon couldn’t be more timely for current day. In a time when everyone wants to be noticed and simultaneously wants their life to be more comfortable, EcoChic is the very embodiment of these qualities. At the very heart of this is Megan’s credo to bring new life to materials that had previously gone unnoticed. Finding the beauty which is sometimes overlooked is what she does best.

Author: Luigi Puglia 
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