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Interview with graphic artist Mark Alvarado

Mark Alvarado is an accomplished graphic artist based in Palo Alto, California. His work ethic and skill have brought him success in his chosen field. He attended UCLA, where he excelled in graphic design. His innovation in graphic design led UCLA to welcome him as a guest speaker.

Through his work, Alvarado has been able to travel both within the United States and internationally. Companies throughout the world have benefited from his expertise and cutting-edge graphic design.

His work ethic stems from his middle-class background. He worked various jobs starting in high school and was able to put himself through UCLA through a combination of student jobs and scholarships. He experienced some hardships when he started as a freelancer, but he was able to build his business from the ground up. He works long hours and dedicates himself completely to his job, but he takes the time to relax and enjoy work-life balance.

When he is not working, Mark Alvarado relaxes at his second home in Marfa, Texas. He was able to buy the home and land through a successful investment. He is an avid archer and hosts competitions for his friends and family.

Alvarado has a special talent for fostering the branding strategy of startup companies. Through something as simple as logo design to product design and creating a brand strategy through graphic design, Alvarado has become a leader in his field. He continues to provide high-quality services to digital companies as well as traditional corporations.

How did you get started in graphic design?

I have always been interested in graphic design. When I was a teenager, I mowed lawns, and I decided it would be good to have a logo for my company of one. I later developed logos for several other small businesses in my area, giving me professional experience in graphic design before I went to college.

What has been the biggest accomplishment in your career?

I have been proud to work with every company that has contracted with me. I felt especially proud of my first commission, where I helped a struggling start-up company solidify their branding. I can’t fully take credit for their success, but their business became more lucrative after they worked with me.

Is graphic design your biggest passion?

I have two passions in life. One is graphic design, and the other is archery. I am always pushing myself to gain greater skills in graphic design, and I stay at the forefront of my industry because I feel passionate about it. I feel like archery helps me to stay centered and fosters my competitive side. I have written a book about archery which is available online.

What motivates you?

Self-improvement motivates me. Whether it’s graphic design work or pushing myself to do better in archery, I am always focused on increasing my skills. I am very competitive with myself.

How do you stay ahead of the competition?

Innovation keeps me ahead of the competition. I am always learning new methods and new ways to use graphic design software. My ideas are more vibrant than others in my field. If customers are looking for an entirely fresh approach to graphic design, they’ll be satisfied with my work.

Which business leaders, past or present, have inspired you the most?

Steve Jobs has been my inspiration. He constantly pushed his company forward and never rested on his laurels. No matter how successful his products became, he was always looking for a room for improvement.

What is the next step for you?

I am starting an online consulting practice to expand my reach past the Mark Alvarado San Francisco area. This will increase my revenue without driving up my business costs like overhead and talent. Eventually, I hope to hire a few more people for my company and to work with an even greater variety of clients.

What are some of your favorite tools and resources for your work?

I use a combination of products including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I also use CorelDraw for specific applications. These three programs are the classics in the field, but I am always looking for innovative software for graphic design.

Graphic design can be taxing, how do you relax?

Archery is my main form of relaxation. I love the targeted focus that the sport requires. The best part of archery, for me, is that it forces you to quiet your mind and live only in the moment. The only important thing is your next shot. I love to travel to my second home in Texas and to host friends and family there. I also like to travel recreationally.

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