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Interview with Moroccan Golden Boy of LA Lifestyle Services : Omar Benchekroun

Omar Benchekroun, the founder of LA Lifestyle Services, was born in 1989. Since his childhood, he has had a keen appreciation for class, luxury and elegance. This early appreciation inspired him to take his interest as a serious career. He began to work in the luxury lifestyle business in his home country of Morocco before traveling to Paris in 2007 in order to gain luxury hotel business experience in one of the most notable places the world still renowned for its high-end luxury hotel services.

Now, he operates out of California, where he hopes to use his experience in the luxury lifestyle business to provide clientele with something sorely lacking in today’s industry: a concierge service truly worthy of the tradition. LA Lifestyle Services offers a private luxury concierge service that goes above and beyond any modern concierge service in providing a high-class customer experience that rivals that of any grand hotel of the past.

Benchekroun’s international background, which includes his diverse travel experience as well as his personal knowledge of Arabic, Spanish, French, and English speaking cultures, allows him the personal insight on how to deal with visitors from all around the world; including areas such as Europe and the Middle East, which are home to many high profile visitors who stay in the Los Angeles area.

Greetings Omar. First, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Yes! I am Omar Bechekroun. I was born in Morocco, and I moved to Los Angeles about two years ago. What I loved about Los Angeles right away was its vibrancy; there's a great energy, wonderful atmosphere, and a great sense of values that I appreciate here.

You operate LA Lifestyle Services. Could you tell us more about that?

Of course. The project's true beginnings started after I finished high school. I went to Paris where I studied both international business and marketing, which gave me a lot of insight; not just because of my studies, but because of the many high-class hotel services in Paris aimed at luxury clientele. I ended up combining my fascination with these high end hotel services with my personal passion--cars--to create a private, luxury concierge service unlike any other in the United States.

The goal of LA Lifestyle Services is to provide one of a kind, personalized, luxury service to clientele. The concept behind the company is to be a professional, discrete, and above all luxury service for each and every client who comes to us.

So, what would you say are the biggest advantages and disadvantages to offering a luxury concierge service?

The advantages of a luxury concierge service are similar to those of other luxury service businesses. I would say the disadvantages--I prefer to think of them as challenges--are fairly unique. One of the biggest challenges we face is that clients can be very demanding, which requires an extremely high attention to detail. We have to put a lot of time, energy and focus into making sure their needs and wants are met, down to the last detail. Our goal is to provide excellent service, and reaching excellence is not a walk in the park.

Another unique disadvantage when it comes to operating a concierge service is that because much of our clientele hails from around the world, they may have completely different wants, needs and other demands. Thankfully, we have a diversified background at LA Lifestyle Services, and this gives us a great leg up on anticipating what clients from different locales around the world might need.

Is there anything special you would recommend newcomers to LA do in the city?

I'd like to first say that newcomers to LA won't be newcomers for long--everyone I know that visits the city wants to come back again and again, to take in everything that LA has to offer. Shopping, entertainment, luxury, culture--there's no end to the LA experience. And our company at LA Lifestyle Services is on hand to help newcomers to the city make the most of their stay, whatever their needs, whatever their interests, and no matter where they are from.

Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers?

Yes. Remember: true luxury is not about money. It's about a certain lifestyle, a certain state of mind, and a certain view on the world. Let LA Lifestyle Services take you on a world-class journey into that world.
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