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Interview with Tommy Smith - President of All Year Cooling

Tommy Smith is the owner and President of All Year Cooling, an air conditioning company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Serving all of South Florida, the HVAC company specializes in the installation and repair of home air conditioning units.

Located in South Florida, All Year Cooling provides essential AC services to local residents. South Florida is a beautiful place to live and work, but the heat and humidity make it difficult to live without air conditioning. Tommy Smith and his expert staff take their responsibility to help Floridians live comfortably very seriously, and they pride themselves on quick and quality repairs. Smith’s company serves all of South Florida with installation and repair of home air conditioning units. His business also provides All Year Cooling duct cleaning services. The company sells York, Trane, Goodman, and Ruud air conditioning units, but can service a wide variety of other companies’ products as well.

All Year Cooling careers can be a greatly rewarding job. Working for the company means joining a staff that is completely dedicated to customer service. The company is friendly and professional with a strong sense of community. All Year Cooling Florida has a strong commitment to community service. Recently, the company donated to help children and teens attend the JT Reading Room, a literacy-focused program that helps young people succeed in school.

With his strong commitment to customer service and community giving, Tommy Smith is an important part of the Fort Lauderdale business landscape.

The All Year Cooling owner shares some of his business insight:

How did you get started in the air conditioning industry?

I grew up in the family business. Even as a young boy, I became familiar with the fundamentals of running a business. I believe that starting out in the business as a young man gave me a full understanding of the way the business operates.

What has been the biggest accomplishment in your career?

I’m extremely proud that we are in our 45th year of business. It feels great to have a great number of repeat customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so knowing that we have so many customers coming back assures me we are keeping our customers happy and cool.

Is air conditioning your biggest passion?

I don’t believe it’s possible to succeed in business unless the industry is your greatest passion. My passion is promoting a comfortable and healthy lifestyle for South Floridians, and in the heat of Florida, that means cool air!

What motivates you?

My family provides a lot of my motivation. Taking care of them and making sure they will have a successful start in life means a lot to me. At the same time, I am genuinely driven by making my customers’ lives as easy as possible. They shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about their air conditioning service. It should be there for them every time they turn the thermostat down.

How do you stay ahead of the competition?

That’s simple. We have the most quality services in our sector. In addition, I believe that a business can’t be successful without a strong staff, and they have driven our success. The All Year Cooling team caters to the customers needs, schedule, and ensures cool air as quickly as possible.

What is the next step for you?

I hope to continuing growing like we have over the last 45 years. We’ve completed more than 350,000 repairs and installations, and I want to see that number continue to multiply. Florida will continue to stay hot, so we want to continue to ensure the South Florida community is as cool and comfortable as possible.

What are some of the favorite tools and resources for your work?

Our local Chamber of Commerce has been a great tool in helping our business grow. It is always worthwhile to spend time networking with local businesses and discover new ways to grow. When our company was smaller, I used the resources of the Small Business Administration to guide me in many of my endeavors.

Air conditioning can be taxing, how do you relax?

I spend as much time with my family as possible. I coach my two eldest daughters’ soccer teams. Their hard-work and determination on the field keeps me active and inspired in my daily life and at work.

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