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Enjoy the Help to the Fullest: 6 Reasons to Pay for Academic Papers

Buying academic papers is a moral gray area for many students, but it doesn’t have to be. While buying academic papers is not illegal, many schools and universities in the United States see it as a form of cheating or plagiarism. However, if you use the paper as a resource, guide, or general example, it is not plagiarism -- as long as you cite all of your sources.

Below are some of the best reasons why a student might want to buy an academic paper. Also, examples of how to use paid-for papers, without plagiarizing, are also given.

1. Easy to Follow Template

While it is cheating to simply buy a paper online and submit it as your own work, there is nothing wrong with using a paid-for paper as a template for your own paper. This is a great use of bought academic papers if you are confused about the formatting your paper should be in, how the topics should be organized, or even which headings to use. These are all things that don’t even need to be cited since it does not require you to use “ideas” written about in the paper. Therefore, there is little to no risk of plagiarism when using a bought paper as a template.

2. Learn by Example

If you are struggling with understanding what to write about (a specific topic or how to write about a general topic), then using a paid-for paper can be used as a great example. Since you have paid for a quality paper, you can be sure the information in the paper is reliable and the formatting is top-notch. You can take ideas from the paper and use them in your own piece of writing, so long as you remember to cite your sources! If you do not cite your sources, then you may be accused of plagiarism.

By using the paper you paid for as an example, you can both learn about the subject and have a jumping-off point for writing a paper of your own. Buying an academic paper can be a great way to have supplemental information on the subject you are studying.

3. Essays on Your Schedule

Most college students are short on time. Since you can pay for a paper to be written pretty much whenever you want (you can pick which day the essay must be completed by). The faster you need a paper written, the more it is likely to cost you. However, various companies charge different rates. Many online essay writing companies charge by the page or word count.

By buying an essay online, you know exactly when it will be completed by. This can give you time to figure out how you are going to use the paper to write your own paper, work on other homework, or just take some time to relax.

4. Resources for ESL Students

Sometimes, ESL students may have troubles understanding their professor’s lecture or the instructions on a rubric. By simply typing in the paper’s requirements verbatim and giving it to the online essay writing service, the service will know exactly what needs to be done, even if the student doesn’t.

Once the paper is complete, the student can use the paper as an example for a paper of their own as a source to use in their paper, or just as a resource to use to get further sources in their paper, which is benefit #5 of buying an academic paper.

5. Spend Less Time Researching

When you order an essay online, you can often submit various submission requirements for your paper. For example, if your professor requires that you use ten sources for your paper, you can type in the order that you need the paper to have ten resources. The writer that you pay will have to look up these resources for you so that they can write the paper. You can then use the resources they found to write a paper of your own. If you keep your sources cited, then you cannot get in trouble for plagiarism.

6. Professional Help

If you do not have time to visit a tutor or a student writing center, then buying an academic paper may just be the best thing to do. Academic papers are written by professionals, so you can be sure that the grammar, formatting, and citations are correct. You can use all of these things, and the paper in general, as an example for your own paper.

Since you will have a professional paper to compare yours to, you can check out what matches up and what doesn’t. You can use the differences to fix your own paper before handing it in to make sure you get the best grade possible.

While some students may feel nervous about buying essays, there is really no need to feel anxious. As long as you use the paper as a reference, you shouldn’t get in trouble. It is not wise to simply buy a paper and claim it as your own or to copy and paste from the paper. However, if you cite all of your sources, then you should get a great grade on your project!

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