Hard Money Bankers: Get To Know The Team

Hard Money Bankers is a private money lending company. It is their mission to make borrowing as fast and as easy as possible. If you are looking for financing for a residential or commercial investment and you live in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, Hard Money Bankers can help. If you are thinking about getting some financial help from Hard Money Bankers, you should know a bit about each of their financial wizards.

Jason Balin- Senior Underwriter

Jason is a Senior Underwriter at the company. While he is a real estate entrepreneur in Columbia, Maryland, he spends most of his time as one of Hard Money Banker's partners. Over the years, Jason has founded several real estate investment firms. He also has several years of experience working as a real estate agent, mortgage broker, and a real estate investor. He has a B.S. in Management and a minor in Coaching Sciences. You can be sure that you are working with the best the second you sit down with Jason.

Chris Haddon- Investor Relations

Chris learned the business of real estate, lending, and commercial finance when he first started out working for a large commercial bank. Thanks to his experience and his many business connections, he founded his own real estate investment firm before moving onto working with his partners at Hard Money Bankers. Chris wears many hats at Hard Money Bankers. Not only is he a partner, he is also a loan originator and an underwriter. Chris has a BA in Spanish from Salisbury University and from the University of Seville in Spain. He has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you in your financial and investment endeavors.

Ian Walsh- Vice President of the Philadelphia, PA Office

Ian runs the Philadelphia office. He is a highly trained, highly experienced real estate professional. He has over 10 years’ experience investing in Philadelphia and New Jersey. In May 2018, he had an article featured in Scotsman Guide where he discusses the difference between the two types of underwriting. He also gets into what this means for the borrower.

Follow Hard Money Bankers

If you want to learn more about Hard Money Bankers, you can find out more about what they do by visiting their website. Not only can you find out more about what the company can do for you, you can learn more about the people helping you. The website contains photos, bios, direct numbers, and email address for each of the people who work there. You can also learn about the company and the people who work there at by checking out their channel on Entrepreneur.com.

If you are looking for more in-depth information about what the company does and if you want to put the faces to the names, you can also check out their YouTube channel. Each member of the company has videos on the channel and there are new videos posted all the time.

If you need some financial help or advice, you should contact the best in the business, the professionals at Hard Money Bankers. For more information, give them a call, visit their website, or check out their YouTube channel. You can get all the help you need under one roof. If you are still on the fence about working with this group of talented and qualified professionals and you, visit their website to read testimonials from former clients. Dozens of their former clients left glowing reviews regarding the business and all the things that Hard Money Bankers has done for them.

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