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Producers Sherry Du and Huidi Sun team up for viral commercial

It is often said that the difference between success and failure is a great team. Filmmakers know this to be the truth. When watching the credits of your favorite film, it is easy to see just how many individuals it takes to make just one movie a masterpiece.

At the helm of every film and television venture are the producers, ultimately deciding the major decisions for each project. When China’s Huidi Sun was approached to take on a commercial for Kam Yen Jan sausages, she knew she needed to build an extraordinary team to make an extraordinary piece. That is when she reached out to fellow producer Xiangrong (Sherry) Du.

Kam Yen Jan sausage is a very famous food company. Established in 1948, January Company is the leading manufacturer in North America of Chinese style meat products, including Kam Yen Jan Chinese Style Sausage and Yangtze Chinese Style BBQ Pork. Their products are manufactured using an authentic and original recipe, state of the art equipment, and high food safety standards to ensure their customers are consuming a quality product.

“Huidi asked me if I was interested in the commercial, as she did not have the time to do everything on her own. I was happy to work alongside my friend and such an outstanding producer like Huidi. We always help each other. She is a hardworking and efficient person,” said Du.

Du is known in China and internationally for her work as an industry leading producer. Earlier this year, she saw great success with her film Eyes on You, which premiered at the Oniros Film Awards 2018.

Last year, her film August went to many film festivals, including the San Diego International Kids Film Festival 2017 where the film won the award for Best Musical Film. It also won Best Short Film at Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival and Best Trailer at Festigious International Film Festival 2017. Also, the drama Front Door was an Official Selection at Los Angeles International Film Festival Awards 2017, Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2017, Golden Bridge International Film Festival 2017, and the European Cinematography Awards 2017. It was a finalist at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival 2017 and the European Cinematography Awards 2017 and won Best Student Film at the L.A. Short Awards.

Like Du, Sun is also known for her producing talents all around the world. She currently produces the Chinese web series Da de bu hao qing zhi jiao, an entertainment program about basketball culture produced by Tencent Sports. Famous NBA star Ray Allen, Chinese super popular young singer and actor Kris Wu, and famous Chinese basketball narrator Zhang Weiping gather in Venice Beach in Los Angeles and talk about the basketball culture. The trailer was played 30 million times on the line within 3 days, and the feature show was played more than 2.85 million times. Her upcoming horror flick has already made headlines, as the trailer alone has received vast attention at many international film festivals, including Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, Paris Play Film Festival, and The Magic of Horror, where it took home the top prize thanks to Sun’s hard work.

When these two top producers came together for one project, it was bound to be a success. Upon its release online, the commercial amassed 800,000 views. It was also distributed on the television station “I talk BB.” Such success was immensely satisfying for the producers.

When casting the commercial, both Du and Sun knew its importance. The goal was to portray a family, requiring two adults and four child actors that were all fluent in Mandarin. They needed have two couples and around 4 children. To do this, Du reached out to a casting director with her own company, teaching children acting and music. They cast her students, and everything went through seamlessly.

“The best part of making the commercial was the actual product. It was delicious,” said Du.

Undoubtedly, Du and Sun make a formidable team. Keep an eye out for their individual works in the future, as they will both continue to be impressive producing forces throughout their careers.

Written by Sara Fowler

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