Grivas Kopti Discusses The Incredible Impact of Singing Competition Show The Four

The Four - 4 Jan 2018 

Grivas Kopti is very happy about his most recent work on FOX television’s The Four. Almost immediately following season one, the network renewed this talent competition series for a second season AND extended the episodes per season. It’s proof that the show’s popularity in terms of TV ratings (The Four was Fox’s top in-season unscripted series premiere since “Cosmos” kicked off almost four years ago) and online presence (trending #1 on Twitter every week it aired) cemented its premier status for FOX. The success of the show in America has resulted in it being picked up in Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Peru, Romania, Russia, Serbia, and Spain. The Four is not the first show of its kind but, as associate producer Grivas Kopti notes, it’s the show’s personal style and brand that makes it so captivating. Kopti brings years of work in scripted and unscripted television (Naked Attraction, Unbelievable, Stripped and Stranded, and others) to the production of The Four. His contributions behind the scenes may not receive the public adulation of the on-camera personalities but his presence in the industry is well noted.

The Four is a singing competition which results in the winner being awarded a recording contract with Republic Records (a division of Universal Music Group) and is named iHeartRadio's "On the Verge" artist. Season one winner Evvie McKinney was chosen by a studio audience and celebrity panelists. These panelists include Grammy-Award winning rapper/producer Sean Combs, BET award-winning DJ Khaled, and Grammy/People’s Choice award-winning artist Megan Trainor. Supporting the work of these famous artists and the contestants is an army of professionals. Kopti’s producing work spanned location shoots and managing budgets to documenting key story beats throughout the entire series and weekly interviews with the judges and cast. From checking facts to obtaining filming permits for private jets, Grivas found himself ingrained in nearly every aspect of the show. It’s no surprise that many of the creatives and personalities of The Four give an ample amount of credit to Kopas for the show’s exceptional final form.

The most obvious proof of Kopti’s insight and influence on The Four is the fact that he was the sole producer for season one winner Evvie McKinney. Grivas personally guided her through the various departments of the production (Hair and makeup, wardrobe, vocal coaching, the creative director, travel team), set up her interviews, and briefed her at all filming points throughout the show. Perhaps more than any other, Kopti had an unobstructed vantage of McKinney’s evolution from essentially unknown talent into a popular sensation. He considers it a special moment to have helped in the process, stating, “Through the show, I’ve built a relationship with these globally recognized names: Puff Daddy, DJ Khaled, Megan Trainor. I’m excited to add Evvie McKinney to that list. She’s an incredible talent. Through our time together on the show I’ve seen her hard work; it’s the kind of thing that all successful creative professionals have in common. To be a part of that is a success in its own right.”

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