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When Craftsmanship Meets Modern Art - Hong Kong Brand ‘Travel Mahjong City’ announced as finalist in K11 Design Store The D Project

This already award-winning collection, Travel Mahjong City, combines Hong Kong heritage with modern art design to provide a wide range of contemporary products with creative illustrations related to Hong Kong culture, is now featured in a pop-up store at Hong Kong’s K11 from Friday to Sunday during 28 September to 21 October. The products highlights the value of mahjong craftsmanship while explaining Hong Kong’s traditional ways of making hand-carved mahjong tiles.

Hong Kong brand, ‘Travel Mahjong City’, is a collaboration between three Hong Kong artisans: Karen Aruba, an illustrator, and two designers, Connie Siu & Maggie Cheung. Their ‘Travel Mahjong City’ collection has been recognized by the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2018 this April, which caught the attention of the Hong Kong design scene for its unique and creative design. This interest is due to the new take on an activity – mahjong – usually associated with Hong Kong’s heritage and older generations, combining it with colourful illustrations to create modern lifestyle home living products, souvenirs and gifts. It is also a joint effort between the master (father) & the illustrator (daughter) to preserve traditional Hong Kong hand-carved mahjong tile skills while presenting a new generation of design talents. This creative design has bridged the gap between the craftsmanship and modern art, aiming to reignite the dying art of hand-carved mahjong with advanced printing technology, leading it to be one of the top 8 finalists of the K11 Design Store The D Project this year.

The 3rd edition of K11 Design Store The D Project will be judged based on the concept of ‘The Artisanal Movement’. It’s all about the combination of Hong Kong heritage and bespoke craftsmanship, where contemporary meets heritage, and this is perfectly encapsulated in ‘Travel Mahjong City’ design and products. Inspired by her family business, the illustrator, Karen Aruba, brings out a series of beautiful illustrations showcasing the fascinating Hong Kong city. Karen grew up witnessing the rise and fall of the Hong Kong hand-carved mahjong tile industry through her family's almost 50-year involvement in the mahjong manufacturing business. The illustrator is devoted to keeping Hong Kong culture and family ties alive through art, showcasing how the city’s old traditional of Mahjong craftsmanship can be transformed into artistry.

All products featured at the K11 intends to bring people on a journey around the amazing city of Hong Kong through mahjong, imparting an understanding of local culture and having fun along the way. A range of product series will be highlighted, including ‘Travel Mahjong City’ – the award-winning series combined in a unique Hong Kong-themed gift, ideal as a tourist purchase or family souvenir. Other series include ‘How to make mahjong’, the most popular of the collections. And the eye-catching ‘Sparrow Mahjong’ series, with two new special editions in beautiful orange and green being displayed, which are perfect gifts for young women.

For each purchase of HKD500 or more, shoppers are given a special hand-carved mahjong tile as free gift with the character resembled a ‘Sparrow” worth HKD128. The gift box illustrates all valuable skills and tips of how to hand-carve a mahjong tile. This is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Online voting is now open to public until 21 October.

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When Craftsmanship Meets Modern Art - Hong Kong Brand ‘Travel Mahjong City’ announced as finalist in K11 Design Store The D Project Reviewed by JaamZIN on 10:22:00 AM Rating: 5
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