Conducting a written Interview

The procedure:

We feature creative people who want the opportunity to share information about their innovative projects. An interview is the best way to showcase your work. It gives the reader an inside look into your personal story. An advertisement alone can not generate this.

1. You place your order. (via e-mail at or by clicking on the button below)

2. Please send us your basic description about yourself and your activity.

Requested information:

  • Your name (the name you want to use in the interview)
  • Your location (Country, State, City). We geotag our interviews and from time to time we feature them based on location, genre and popularity.
  • A large (min. 1MB), high resolution, horizontal picture that we would use on the heading of your interview and on the main page of our interview magazine.
Based on this information we will create 4-5 interview questions. Within 3-4 days you will receive the questions.

As soon as you send us the answers we will edit the draft version of the interview and post it after your approval. We can accept 3 revisions after the interview is read, if you need any changes.

After each interview you receive a report from us that includes:

  • The link to your interview
  • List of links to your interview being featured on our social media sites

Basic Package - $25

The basic package consists of a written interview with 4-5 interview questions.

Please send the answers to the interview questions within 5-7 days. The optimal interview is 10 paragraphs long, 2 paragraphs to each question. We can insert your photos, videos and links (including your social media links) to the interview.

We try to avoid mass-posting on our interview site. We prefer to post a maximum of 3 interviews per day, so that we can give enough space to each interview we post on our main page.

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