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Interview with author and entrepreneur Matt Redhawk

Matt Redhawk is by all description a successful entrepreneur and respected author. He is best known as the Founder of My Patriot Supply and the Executive Producer of the highly acclaimed Radioflash feature film. My Patriot Supply is in the business of providing survival and emergency preparedness supplies and kits such as heirloom seeds, emergency food and tools. Matt established the business in 2008 in response to the hard times he endured and need to prepare for calamity breakout. Besides My Patriot Supply, Matt is also the name behind Patriot Pantry, Colonial Concepts and Alexapure, which all target the fast-growing prepper community.

As an author, Matt Redhawk penned the book “Droughts and Dreams”. The book touts the virtues of self-reliance and surviving under tough situations. Some of his most enduring accomplishments to-date include; Best Short Film award received in 2017 and the Epic Commercial Spot for the My Patriot Supply Project. Matt is a firm believer in what he does and testament to this fact, he lives in a remote locale in Northern Idaho with his loving and supportive family. His home is well-prepped for various kinds of calamities. Outside work, Matt enjoys travelling in remote areas, blogging about various issues and coaching survivalists.

How did you get started in the Survivalist industry?

I established My Patriot Supply to fill a void in the market. From my own experience and that of people around me, the market was ripe for unique, but affordable survival and emergency preparedness supplies and tools to prepare for possible life interruptions. My targets were interruptions stemming from supply chain failure, ecological disasters and social disorders. Most of my clients are outdoor explorers, the prepper community and people living in off grid locations.

Is selling preparedness supplies and kits your biggest passion?

People get into business for various reasons; some on their own accord while many others are forced into it by circumstances. I am a self-driven individual who gets the highest satisfaction doing what I enjoy, which is preparing the community for the known and unexpected disasters should they strike.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by past successes because seeing is believing. The success stems from planning ahead and sticking to my goals. When times get tough, I always reach out to my family and the community for support. I have also formed a habit of setting rewards as a form of incentive.

How do you stay ahead of the competition?

Staying on course can be difficult in a competitive and often misunderstood sector. However, my inner confidence and willingness to embrace new ideas has always steered me ahead of the competition.

Which business leaders across a wide industry spectrum inspire you the most?

I am greatly inspired by the like of Jeff Bezos, Tom Bilyeu and Bedros Keulian. Jeff Bezos is a household name and the CEO of the highly successful retail behemoth, Amazon. I admire Bezos leadership style, which he inculcates by adopting external trends and seeking high impact decision making.

Tom Bilyeu, the CEO of Quest Nutrition is on a quest to collect as many artificial vitamins and minerals as possible for his hugely popular protein rich foods. Bedros Keulian appears in my list because he managed to create a successful franchise outlet, the Fit Body Boot camp out of passion and persistence.

What are your favorite tools and resources for your work?

My guide for choosing survival tools is premised on the need to conserve space, scale weight and ensure simplicity. This is the reason I choose the survival knife and the paracord, which I always use to explore the nearby inclines when exploring the outdoors.

Being an entrepreneur can be taxing, how do you relax?

Positive attitude keeps my spirits high and focused on my goals. After a grueling day’s work, I usually relax by strolling around the woods to enhance creativity and stay healthy. Whenever a new idea or something compelling crosses my mind, I simply jot it down for further interrogation.

What advice do you have for others who want to enter your sector?

There are three things I would like to share with individuals working or aspiring to join the sector. First, planning is unforgivably essential in achieving financial and business goals. Secondly, prepare yourself for disasters because you never know when it will strike.

This point is important because you want to sell something that speaks to a need and one you truly believe in. Lastly, customer satisfaction is key to success. In most accounts, the level of customer satisfaction will gauge how well your products will be received and how far the business can go.

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