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Up Close And Personal With Arshad Madhani

Arshad Madhani is a digital marketing professional who has gained a wide international following due to his expertise in all things marketing related. He holds an MBA degree from Texas A&M University and currently runs his consulting business from an Atlanta, Georgia location. We recently got to sit down and chat with Arshad and discuss all things digital marketing and life. Here’s what he had to say.

What Exactly Led You to Become a Digital Marketing Consultant?

I think it's probably my passion for problem solving combined with my natural affinity for digital communication and marketing. There's something very attractive about helping people overcome their obstacles, especially when you work with them, combine your mental resources, and jointly arrive at a resolution. Sometimes the original problem or challenge appears insurmountable. That feeling of beating the odds, making the smart call, and ironing out the wrinkles to create a workable solution is what motivates me to stay with digital marketing as my primary avocation.

What is Your Favorite New Marketing Trend?

Probably the increased use of Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) and Facebook ads Facebook's ability to build targeted ad campaigns is equally impressive. More and more, clients are learning to take advantage of these extremely versatile tools. As far as marketing trends go, that's what I'd say. Even though both of these have been around a while, they are really coming into their stride now. I might also mention cryptocurrency, but that's another whole topic that perhaps we can speak of another time.

What is One Thing No One Knows About You?

I really love music and can't imagine getting through a day without my favorite tunes. Oddly, my musical tastes seem to change from month to month, so I find myself listening to jazz one day and classic rock a few weeks later, and then maybe new age or world music a month later. There's just something about music that captivates me and relaxes me.

What is Something You Would Tell Your Past Self?

I'd tell my young self to be unafraid of taking risks. When I was young, I had way too much apprehension about risk. Now that I'm a bit older and have some experience under my belt, I can clearly see that risk is nothing to be afraid of. Risk, failure, and missteps are nothing to avoid. They are sometimes your greatest teachers.

When I was a teenager, I had a very powerful fear of failing at just about anything. Nowadays I can understand how, at times, that fear held me back and prevented me from experimenting with different approaches. Fear, risk avoidance, and similar feelings can be overwhelming for young people. I was no exception.

What is One Item You Can't Live Without?

Sadly, I'd have to say my phone. It's always with me for better or worse. Hey, this is the "connected generation," so I understand that devices are an irreplaceable part of the scene. But sometimes I like to just disconnect and relax, but even then, I usually use my phone to listen to music or read an article that interests me. There are probably other items I can't live without, but the phone is at the top of the list.

How Can Users Connect with You?

They can check out my website at, follow me on several social media sites including:

I always enjoy hearing from people and gaining a new perspective on all kinds of current business topics.

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