An Australian “Fountain”

By Kelly King

Australian artist SNY has a soft spot for America. His love of hip hop makes this natural and he’s given props to the culture in his video and audio presentations of these. The hit song “I Might” features a video filmed in the Hollywood Hills and on iconic Rodeo Drive. It’s an ode to the joyful SoCal lifestyle and music which inspired SNY. He followed this with “Fountain” named for the intersection of Fountain Ave and Spaulding Ave in West Hollywood. A music artist writes when inspiration strikes and SNY (aka Sonny Stojanovic) felt the allure that California holds for so many visitors from all corners of the planet.

Chicago Producer/artist Young Chop collaborated with SNY on “Fountain” in terms of the beats which punctuate the melody and cadence of SNY’s raps. Young Chop is known for his work with such internationally acclaimed artists as Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Swae Lee, and Chief Keef’s multiplatinum hit “I Don’t Like.” Chop and SNY have worked on previous songs including “Livin”, “No Friends”, and others. SNY also welcomed LA artist Fulani to appear on the second verse to add another texture to the song. The romantic, almost “croony” delivery of SNY is juxtaposed with Fulani in a perfect concoction that satisfies complex musical pallets.

Directed by DEP TV, the music video for “Fountain” is the visual representation of the song. Moody with subtly muted color tones, featuring SNY and Fulani performing next to sexy high end automobiles; the video deepens the vibe created in the music. SNY feels strongly about the music videos which accompany his songs stating, “I think music videos are very important as it delivers the content in a way that the ear can’t comprehend on its own. It captures more emotion and gives an artist the chance to help tell their story by visually putting it into perspective, plus it’s a lot of fun. I love making music videos and I wish I could make one for every song I make but that’s just not cost effective for an artist.” SNY is seated in a glistening BMW i8 whose butterfly doors are swung fully open during the video for “Fountain.” Movie fans will recognize the location as the same place where the iconic Joker scene was filmed for Batman. These days, a song’s success is closely tied to views online. With 265,000 plus views and counting, “Fountain” has already established SNY as an artist whose international appeal is confirmed. The artist confirms that he’s aware of the many facets of a major music artist’s exposure and its effect on one’s career. SNY comments, “Having the numbers rise on my videos plays a massive roll in my career as it’s almost become the modern form of a resume for musicians. If you can show labels that you’re doing well on your own numbers-wise, it will be easier for them to accept you and elevate your career. It also helps when trying to work with bigger artists and securing features. Labels and top artists want to see potential in those that they are working with. I’m happy to have success at home in Australia but there’s plenty of world and plenty of music lovers out there…and I’m looking forward to them getting to know me.”

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