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Using AI to Create Advertisement Works of Art with Guangtao Pi

Commercials and advertisement has come a long way from what they used to be. What was once background information or a pause in the “real” action has morphed into productions that gain massive attention when done well, as in Superbowl commercials. The modern iteration of these mini stories receive acclaim when possessing heart, ingenuity, and captivating visuals. Guangtao Pi has worked with Visual Effects in television, films, and commercials. As VFX supervisor on an “in house” production for Haidilao restaurants in the US, his team created a fantastic story that entertained customers and attracted attention for the company.

The advancements of VFX whether in the area of film, TV, or commercial productions has revolutionized storytelling just as much as the invention of the moving picture format itself. Through artistry and software, the visions and dreams of writers and directors are manifested for all to see. When hot pot restaurant Haidilao wanted a transfixing depiction of a new service they were providing, it was Guangtao’s talent which truly brought the creators ideas to appear on the screen. Set to music, the action shows a chef dancing on a journey that begins in the restaurant and travels out into the world, interacting with many different people until concluding with Taishan in front of a temple in the Chinese mountains. While all of the actors are real people, it’s the background which is truly mesmerizing. Each of the varied environments appears in the form of an oil painting.

While the filming of the actors took place in front of a green screen, this is far from the high tech approach Guangtao utilized to create the oil painting scenes. He explains, “There are a lot of benevolent uses of AI in modern life and this is most definitely one of them. We wanted the oil painting technique to be rich and vibrant but the cost and time needed to have human artists create this would have been financially prohibitive. When I suggested the use of AI to the producer and director they were unsure but once I gave them a few examples of the final appearance they were completely on board. We also integrated both traditional and modern techniques for this production in the final scene. For this, we used matte painting for the Chinese temple and then used AI to translate it to an oil style. An important part of my role in VFX is knowing which tools will work best for the job whether they be the most current, older techniques, or a combination of the two.”

When you consider the look of this advertisement and the action, such as the chef dancing with a noodle and then carrying this throughout an oil painting “world”, it’s astounding what the budget for this sort of fantasy world would have been just a few short years ago. Technological advancements and the skilled artists like Guangtao Pi who wield them allow for companies to create signature stories that communicate their message in a fantastic way.

Author: Kelly King

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