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Adela Azses and the 92nd Street Showcase

There are obvious monuments in America which inspire individuals from other countries; the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, the Grand Canyon, and many others. The counterpart to this is that there are some places which are immensely respected that not many US citizens ever become aware of. Adela Azses confirms that NYC’s 92nd Street Y is one of these for her. In case you’re completely unaware, New York City is the capital for dance in America. One of the most respected non-marquee venues in the city is the 92nd Street Y Harkness Center on Lexington Ave. It’s considered by many, including the Dance Education Laboratory, to be the best place for dance professionals and educators to create, experiment, learn, and innovate. Though she has performed at many well-known venues, her performance at this year’s 92nd Street Showcase is one which Azses holds dear. Sometimes it takes someone with great talent from another country, in this case it’s Adela’s homeland of Mexico, to remind us Americans of the high standard of art we’ve achieve and how talent from other countries continues to drive and help define it.

The 92nd Street Y is one of those places like Birdland for Jazz or the Comedy Cellar for comedians; a place where the artists of the day work and hone their craft away from the eyes of television and mass tourism. It’s a hub for artists to test their own mettle rather than one that markets itself. These are the places where real growth is achieved. Modern dance legends like Lester Horton, Anna Sokolow, Robert Joffrey, and numerous others were nurtured within the walls of the 92nd Street Y. The Harkness Dance Center has become a foundation for dance teaching, creation, and performance. Azses comments, “This is one of those places that all dancers know about. It’s not what you’d expect it to be and that’s part of what makes it so special. For example, the floor is Marley, which is terrible for tap. I typically rehearse on a wood floor. But the 92 Street Y is such a professional place; everything is so well miked and the sound is amazing!”

Adela has worked with renowned choreographer Jill Kenney a number of times. Her performance as lead dancer of Kenney’s “The Other Side” garnered enthusiastic responses from attendees like Tap Uganda (known for her work under the direction of Roxane Butterfly) and others. Modestly admitting that she received fans following her performance, Azses is quick to point out that her inclusion as a lead performer that night was not about adulation. She remarks, “The 92nd Street Y is one of those places where everyone who loves dance comes together. We have the world famous and the novice seeking knowledge and gathering to celebrate this art which we all hold so dear. There’s something very pure and empowering about that. There are dancers of all ages learning and performing everything including ballet, tap, modern, jazz, Isadora, hula, flamenco, and swing. It’s a ‘big picture’ kind of place with the kind of history and diversity that reminds you we all have a place in the world.”

Written by Patrick Wilson
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