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Esteemed Entrepreneur Jean-Fabrice Brunel talks importance of cutting carbon emissions

Born and raised in Marseille, France, Jean-Fabrice Brunel says being an entrepreneur is just part of his DNA. At 50 years of age, he has never once been employed. He always creates his own projects and hires a team to develop them.

“I’ve always loved a new challenge and the freedom that business gives. I started to do business and earn money at the age of 16 and never stopped, year by year motivated by new initiatives and new opportunities,” he said.

Brunel has made quite a name for himself in France and around the world. Founder of the multi-million-dollar corporation L’Agence Telecom, Brunel is a pioneer in mobility technology consulting, specializing in the synthesis of telecom and IT. He is an industry leader in his native country and provides countless other businesses with his guidance and advice as a shareholder.

Brunel began his career founding the company H A Reve. The company had the aim of doing real estate prospection and technologies audits for group building and managing specialized retirement homes and specialized handicap homes.

H A Reve and GDP Vendome, one of the biggest retirement home groups in France, formed a partnership called SARL Vallons de l’Oriol and SCI Vallons de Marseille, which involved working together to provide the latest and most economic technologies in terms of energy savings technologies. It was in a constant quest of technologies that allow the user to cap their own expenditure each month. Brunel is used as a consultant for these groups in terms of automation in disability to help people to have an e-independence.

“At first, the aim was for households, but behavior and the routine of individuals are obstacles that current technologies have thus far not been able to overcome. Even if greenhouse gas emissions are widely known to be the main contributor to the global warming phenomenon, I realized that groups managing residential homes for dependent people, such as retirement homes and specialized handicap homes, were the perfect target to implement utilities saving technologies with a Home Automation Managing System,” he said.

Environmentally friendly technology is a passion of Brunel, and he knows the importance of reducing his ecological footprint in today’s modern world. Across the pond, he is working on an initiative with the LLC Massilia Musketeers to develop an eco-house, a shining example of what people can achieve with the correct technology and mindset.

“I’m really into real estate and investment. I love building a new project, and the combination of real estate, architecture and the implementation of the technologies I’m working on, is something that is very exciting for me,” he said.

The future house will be a 9000 square foot house with two pools on two acres of land and will be in accordance to the California Government Project of Green California, aimed to reduce its footprint through sustainable state government operations and practices, including energy efficient state building design and construction.

“Greenhouse gas emissions are widely known to be the main contributor to the global warming phenomenon. A new generation of energy-saving technologies and systems has been developed to counter this problem. These technologies are creating new markets and opportunities for households who are intent on lowering their energy consumption. Smart thermostats, smart meters, other smart monitoring systems and domestic solar panels are being introduced, marketed and sold as products for the common household,” said Brunel.

The house will feature new, innovative technologies that might help curb household carbon emissions; a main contributor to global warming, via AT Technologies development of SMARTILITYTM, yet another one of Brunel’s groundbreaking ventures.

“It was a hard job because I had to gather people from many different worlds, such as architects, designers, politicians, engineers, utilities companies, investors and so on, but I love working on this project because it’s a challenge, and everyone likes working together,” he said.

The house will open in the course of the first quarter of 2020, and it sounds like something that should inspire many to take similar steps for a greener future.

Written by Annabelle Lee
Published on Jan. 28th, 2019

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