Real Estate Interview with Jacques Poujade, Managing Partner Of LendPlus

Jacques Poujade has been around the real estate industry in some capacity for pretty much his entire adult life. With his current position as managing partner of LendPlus, he is constantly working with those in industry as well. With so much insight on real estate, he seemed like the perfect person to discuss the industry in a little bit more detail. He took some time out of his day to go over the topic with us and share some of his insights.

How Did You First Get Involved in the Real Estate Industry?

Real estate always intrigued me when I was younger. I really got into it because I wanted to own my own home, but then I realized that real estate could be an actual industry to go into as well. There is just something about following the trends and trying to sort of predict what the future holds for certain areas that is always intriguing.

Currently, I am having a good time helping out those who are pursuing their dream in real estate. At LendPlus, we offer a variety of services that can provide the funds needed to purchase a home, or to lower a rate. Seeing people reach their goals of home ownership is something that is pretty special!

What Is One of Your Favorite Things About Working in Real Estate?

I would say that since the real estate market is constantly changing which keeps things interesting. The job is not the same now as it was a decade ago. It is not even the same as it was just a couple years ago. There will be some tough times for buyers, and some amazing times for buyers. Everything goes in cycles though, so a person can't really get too up or too down in this industry.
As I touched on a little before, a person's first piece of real estate is also always going to be special. Being even a little part of that moment is something that is pretty amazing and fun.

What is One of the Most Challenging Aspects of Working in the Real Estate Industry?

There are always going to be people who have unrealistic expectations as far as what they can afford for a home. Even though we had LendPlus do every single thing possible for a person to be successful with their financial situation, sometimes it is just impossible. It is important to stay within your means at all times, but especially with a first house. There is always a chance to upgrade later, but no one should run the risk of falling behind.

Who is One Person in Your Industry that You Admire and Why?

This might sound a bit patronizing, but I am honestly going to say the team at LendPlus. I feel as though we have a good thing going with our team right now, and this is a bit different than other jobs and businesses I have dealt with in the past. To really grow as a company so much in a short amount of time takes the right group of people. I think we have a nice core at this point.

Where Do You See the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry Heading in Five Years?

It's hard to make blanket predictions, but I do see some of the bigger cities really dealing with higher and higher costs for prime real estate. It has been going up much faster than the speed of inflation in general. Market cooling is a real thing across the country, but in five years, that could come and go. I think society has learned a lot about the industry from the last time this happened.

What Is One Personal Thing About You That You Would Like to Share with Readers?

I've been involved with Micah's Way charity for the last several years, and it is something I've really become passionate about outside of work. It really feels good to help out the less fortunate in the area.

How Can Readers Connect With You?

I can be found on Medium and social media these days. You can also check out my website, I am always open to answering any questions thrown my way about real estate, or really any topic.

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