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Interview with Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant Jordan Stolch

Jordan Stolch is a Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant based in Los Angeles, California. With a natural ability for style and aesthetics, the Canadian-born native quickly built a strong career in the celebrity and entertainment realm as well as in personal shopping and private styling. She has solidified herself as an innovative force in the fashion industry and highly sought after consultant. We have conducted an interview with her.

What is it like to work as a Stylist at award shows such as the Grammys, Emmys, Golden Globes and Academy Awards?

I’ve been so honored to be hired as a Stylist for all of the major award shows for the last 5 years as a fashion contributor for E! Entertainment and NBC. Being involved in projects of this nature is both exhilarating and pressure-inducing as the coverage is viewed by over 100 million people in 130+ countries on a network the predominates as a cultural influencer and style innovator. The need to be spot on in my creative process is at an all time high.

My job is to look at films, current culture, designer collections and celebrities to put together an assessment of the largest trends dictating the world of fashion and how they tie into a given awards show. For the Grammys in 2017 for example, I styled a segment that looked at Prince’s influence on fashion following his death and how current day designers are paying homage to him in their collections. For the Academy Awards last month I took influence from Bohemian Rhapsody, adopting some of Freddie Mercury’s iconic stage looks and demonstrating how they can be worn by women in everyday settings, using pieces purchased at the mall. Two years ago at the Emmy Awards I put together an analysis of the most notable trends that easily transition from casual wear to red carpet, and how celebrities use looks like statement sleeves for example, to give their awards season ensemble a relevant feel.

Because this work is for an at-home viewer, it needs to feel applicable not only on a red carpet but also to an everyday person, so I’m constantly looking to show my work in a way that everyone can relate to and appreciate. I also like to draw inspiration from what’s currently happening in fashion while also looking forward at what is to come, to ensure the content we’re creating is innovative enough for such a large and predominant television network.

How did you get these opportunities? What kind of hard work is involved?

This opportunity was first presented to me when the network determined that adding more fashion content to their red carpet coverage was something their viewers were asking for. A producer I had previously worked with recommended me for the job and submitted my portfolio to the executive team at NBC. I was considered along side several other very talented Stylists and ended up securing the position once I demonstrated what my ideas for the show looked like. Since starting with the network in 2015, I have been asked back every year to lead these projects and push the boundaries for what the team can create for the forward thinking E! viewer.

Executing a project of this nature takes intense planning, researching, and behind the scenes hard work. It begins by looking at what trends were seen on the carpet and on runways the year prior, and then predicting what we will see during the current award season. I’ll also consider big fashion moments in film and music throughout the year, and ways we can adopt this to make it applicable and create an interesting story for the audience. Once concepts are finalized, I reach out to designers all over the world to bring in samples to be considered for each look. After a grueling fitting process with models and network executives, we determine the strongest options to feature on the show. The final step is briefing the on air hosts (often Kristin Cavallari, Brad Groeski, Kris Jenner, Jeannie Mai) on some talking points about each look, who the designers we’re showcasing are, and why the outfits being featured are relevant and noteworthy.

Why would you recommend people to use your Personal Shopping service?

While I absolutely love my entertainment work, the importance of image development isn’t strictly reserved for large brands and celebrities, but also something equally as vital to the professional and personal success of everyday people. Personal shopping services are a great way for individuals from all walks of life to access the skillset of a Stylist and put dedicated focus and attention into the message their wardrobe conveys.

The work I do in this field focuses primarily on revitalizing a person’s self-confidence, with the fashion and wardrobe elements being secondary. I work with clients to strategically develop a sense of style that accurately reflects how they want to show up in the world everyday. My goal is to help them build wardrobes with intention, rather than at random, that create a congruency between their inside sense of self and the outside image they convey.

Assessments about who you are and what that says about your work are formed in an instant. I assist clients in taking control of the impression they’re sending by determining what they want their image to convey. Perhaps it is notions of expertise, charisma, intelligence, power - whatever it may be, we select the message with intention and strategically work to implement it.

In which stage of your career did you realize that you have a strong aptitude for trend direction as well as an accurate understanding of the individuality of style?

Trend direction is something you really have to pay attention to while also having an innate feel for. Not trends become notable movements in fashion, so the ability to decipher between what has staying power and what is a fad becomes very important. I realized early on in my career that I had a strong aptitude for quickly identifying trends that would work for a given project and was continuously getting hired for my ability to bridge certain styles of clothing with specific brands and celebrities.

The individuality of style is very different than trend direction and is unique to the person or project you’re working on. This definitely plays a major role in personal styling, when I’m consulting with an individual on how they want their image to be perceived and what types of looks feel the most organic to them. A person shines when they experience a congruency between their inner self and their outer image - being able to understand how to deliver this to a client is the entire purpose of my job. When focusing on the individuality of style, a trend or look that I love is not nearly as important as the way the person wearing it feels in it, and this is what I’m always focusing on.

For new comers who want to work in red carpet, film/television, commercial editorial, music video and advertisement styling, what is your advice to them?

It’s very important to start out by interning and then assisting. Find a Stylist whose work you admire and ask them if you can be of service to them in any way. It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to learn under someone else, something that should never be taken for granted. It’s very challenging to break into the entertainment industry without experience, so getting an education through someone who has been successful in doing so is priceless. Keep in mind that an opportunity like this isn’t a favor and that you must be able to provide them something of value in return. Stay longer than anyone else, come earlier, study the project when you’re on your off time, listen for notes from other members of the team such as producers that may be needed later on, write everything down and foresee what the Stylist will need before they even anticipate it.

Don’t be afraid to do the dirty work that nobody else is willing to do - this will be what sets you apart and makes you memorable. This industry is built on a combination of skill and contacts, so demonstrating your work ethic early on in your career will be what gets you noticed by the right people and considered for big projects. While you’re still building a name for yourself, say yes to as many opportunities as you can that come your way in order to build your portfolio and meet new people.

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