Brazil’s Priscila Zortea stars in award-winning new film

Born and raised in Brazil, Priscila Zortea feels she was destined to become an actress. From the time she was just a child, she was fascinated by what she saw on screen, always reenacting scenes from her favorite movies and television shows. Performing has always been a part of her, and she is happy to spend every day living her childhood dream.

Zortea is an internationally sought-after actress, showing audiences around the world just how talented she is with every new project she takes on. Her new film The Countries We Love, the actress’ most personal project ever, is currently captivating fans and critics alike at many prestigious international film festivals, and she is equally charismatic in This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen, If I Were You, Like Lightning from Heaven, and more.

“Acting is what I do best. It’s what brings me the most joy. It’s the way I express myself fully. I love it so much and I want to do it every day in this life,” she said.

Unveiled tells the story of demons from the past that continue to manifest in a group of people’s lives. The setting of the film is an open house, where the character Eliana, played by Zortea, works as a real estate agent. However, audiences soon discover she is so much more than that. The other characters come see the house; there’s a religious couple, a brother and a sister, and a lesbian couple. When certain characters visit specific rooms of the house, the place transforms itself and they are taken back to their past, to a time when they faced a difficult moment in their lives. Most of them get scared and run away from the house, except for one character that is eventually able to face this difficult past situation, forgive himself with Eliana’s help and then rise above.

“I think this story imparts great lessons in life. It teaches self-forgiveness, and I believe that’s very important,” said Zortea.

Unveiled premiered at the end of 2017 in New York City at a screening for The Actors Green Room Short Film Challenge and, a couple months later, it was shown again in a similar setting, but this time within a selection of the best films made for this challenge. Just recently, the film was screened in Berlin as part of the Berlin Flash Film Festival, where it won Honorable Mention in the Best Short category. It will continue to make its way to more festivals throughout the year, and Zortea could not be prouder, as the film would not be the success it is without her outstanding take in the starring role.
“Priscila was wonderful in the role of Eliana. She had a beautiful serenity about her, looking and talking like a real-life angel who’s able to guide anybody to a better understanding of life. Her acting was very genuine, deep, emotionally connected and a joy to direct and watch. I hope we get to make more films together in the future,” said Klemen Novak, Director.

The character of Eliana is very ethereal. She was like an angel, a presence that’s not from this world. She is a vital character, bringing all stories together. Such a pivotal role would normally be intimidating for an actor, but the experienced Zortea was more than up for the challenge, taking Eliana and turning her into the enchanting and mysterious character we see on screen.

“I loved playing a character that was part real and part imaginary. I loved making creative decisions for the first time and helping in the development of the story. I loved that I got to narrate a film for the first time as well, all new experiences,” said Zortea.

Zortea is inspiring in Unveiled, and with such an impactful and beautiful story, it’s a can’t miss.

By Annabelle Lee
April 29th, 2019

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