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Andrea Zannetti is what AIRBNB, Sony, and Canon Have in Common

Digital Content is likely the most vital part of promoting any product or service in the modern world. Connecting and cultivating an awareness and relationship with the public is a necessary element of success in the modern world. The experts who lead this field have a skill set which is applicable to virtually anything; toothbrushes, films, phone service, you name it. Andrea Zannetti is known for her exceptional ability to create success, even when previous failure seemed completely defeating. Portraying the Hollywood dream, capturing your dreams from behind the camera, or nearly any other conceivable concept; these all fall within the scope and ability of Zannetti to capture the public’s attention and interest. When done most effectively this seems effortless; this visage is only achievable by masters like Andrea. Part sociologist, part psychologist, part marketing expert, and one-hundred percent masterful digital content producer; Andrea has been sought out by an eclectic array of companies to bring awareness in a way that raises them above the din online in present day.

When Airbnb rejected Peter Valentino’s (of the International Acting Studio) idea for the “Hollywood Acting Experience”, the filmmaker turned to Andrea in hopes of salvaging it. Conferring with Valentino to deeply understand his premise, Zannetti began a vastly different approach that focused on grassroots promotion via social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Professional photo shoots which focused on international participants capitalized on the excitement of those travelling to Hollywood and trying acting as part of their time in the film capital. Andrea made sure to communicate to potential customers that a mastery of the English language was not essential to the experience. With awareness skyrocketing as participants shared their own “Hollywood Acting Experience”, Airbnb immediately approved Valentino’s revamped venture.

The Hollywood Acting Experience is perfectly suited to Airbnb’s goal of inspiring travel and new adventures in different parts of the world. On a daily basis, Peter Valentino’s LA studio saw customers shooting films, TV pilots, professional photoshoots, singing sessions, and almost any entertainment based production for which Hollywood is known. Additionally, everyone was offered the wisdom and knowledge directly from Peter and his decades long career in Tinsletown. As a result of the digital personality Andrea created and the services Peter offered, the “Hollywood Acting Experience” has become massively popular, receiving five-star rave reviews on Airbnb from those hailing from such far off locations as Asia, Europe, and Africa. Further vetting its popularity, Zannetti confirms that he has been contacted by social media outlets in Shanghai in hopes of filming the Hollywood Acting Experience to promote it in China.

Working with those who are more interested in working behind the camera, Andrea oversaw a digital marketing campaign promoting Sony’s VENICE camera. BandPro Marketing Director Brett Gillespie and CEO Amnon H. Band directed Zannetti to come up with his own strategy to reach and excite an audience about this new Full Frame Sony Venice camera to be featured at the NAB Show. Creating his own custom images through Photoshop and then posting regularly on BandPro’s main social media platforms preceding and during NAB, Zannetti was able to maximize anticipation and excitement surrounding the VENICE camera and special promotions. Because Bandpro held the exclusive rights to the VENICE in the US, the results of her campaign were closely scrutinized by both Bandpro and Sony. Andrea relates, “Both myself and Bandpro were pleased with the high level of interaction and likes that my posts generated on all BandPro’s social media platforms. Moreover, I got personal satisfaction in receiving congrats from Sony executives who expressed interest in me and their appreciation for how I managed the whole marketing campaign with such successful outcomes.” To this day, the Bandpro banner which Zannetti created to promote Canon’s Cinema Eos is featured on one of the main landing pages of BandPro’s webpage. It’s obvious from this that Andrea possesses the ability to fully immerse herself in a company’s identity and use his talent to project this positively to the online community. As he puts it, “The combination of a deep understanding of the tools of connectivity with a deep understanding of market segments and a strategic mind that knows know to reach specific target markets and niches within the market, is nowadays the key for a campaign’s success.”

Written by Patrick Wilson
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