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5 Most Common CV Mistakes vs How to Write My First CV?

Each of us at least once encountered a job search and resume writing. And if not, then it is definitely waiting for you. There is a certain set of mistakes that people make when creating their resume and searching for work. In this article, we will try to list the most common ones, which will help to avoid them in the future.

1. Do not use unnecessary information

The employer is not interested in spending time reading the story about your school success and how good you are in the sport. Write this only if this information is important for work. For the rest, try to describe your key skills and the experience that you have gained in past jobs or university. The way how you can influence the company and its results is your crucial parameter and everything the employer wants to know about you.

2. Specify only those skills and experience that are needed for a particular job

If you have avoided a lot of unnecessary information from the story of your life, you can proceed with the main part. Each person can have a diverse set of skills, but this is not a reason to include the entire list in your resume. It is not necessary to write absolutely all of your skills, including sushi cooking if you are looking for a job as a lawyer. Only those skills are important, which you will use while performing your work duties and that will help to do the work faster and better. You can avoid all this fuss with amateur activities and entrust the writing of your CV to perfect essay writers. It will save you a lot of time and effort and you will be sure that your resume will be written as well as possible. But if you want to do everything with your own hands, separate the wheat from the chaff and simplify the life for yourself and the one who will read your CV.

3. Prepare an individual cover letter for each job

Of course, along with your resume is worth preparing a cover letter. This is important for the employer to understand your motivation and desire to get the position. In addition, he or she can understand whether you are interested in the proposed vacancy or just sent a resume to all possible positions. Try not to copy your letter while sending it to all chosen job proposals. An individual approach is very important here. Use the names of people who will read it and don’t forget to change the company name in each letter. Write specific information instead of the general one.

4. Prepare a portfolio in advance

Gathering all of your previous results in a one doc can be beneficial. When you quit your last job or finished your studying, do not forget to figure out which projects you participated in, what you specifically did, and what you can take into your portfolio. Do not delay work on the content and design. What are the best things to show? Focus on your most high-quality projects. It is not necessary to show the ones in which you did something insignificant. It is also not needed to list the same type of work if the first two can show your style, skills, and tools used. Also, try to explain the process of how exactly you came to a specific decision, show intermediate work, and describe the course of your thoughts. This may be interesting for the employer if the work itself is not impressive.

5. Do not use cliché phrases and templates for resume

Try not to use clichés in your resume and avoid templates that you can find on the Internet. For any query in Google, you can find a whole list of standard words that people can use when describing themselves. Of course, everyone knows that you are attentive to details, hardworking, incredibly responsible. But are there any other candidates for your chosen job? Everyone writes the same things, and the employer, who looks at dozens of resumes per day, has simply developed immunity and blindness to the perception of such words. In addition, the resume design itself can immediately make it clear that you created it with some standard free online service. There is nothing bad in the use of such things, it can be a simple and convenient way to create a resume. But the problem is that all of these designs are the same and it mixes you up with a faceless crowd. Therefore it is better to avoid them and make a resume design from scratch.

Use these simple tips, and your resume will be exactly the one that will interest your employer and increase your chances of getting the desired position. Remember that there is no ideal formula, but the basic mistakes made by newbies make the reader think that you are so irresponsible that you cannot even work well on creating your own resume.

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